Mystery Science Theater 3000: YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP
June 7, 2017 8:57 PM - Season 11, Episode 9 - Subscribe

A monster movie from South Korea, in which a petroleum-eating monster awakened from the Middle East attacks Seoul. Whatever geopolitical metaphor is intended by this is obscured by the fact that, oh Gamera, we have another little kid protagonist. Yongary's death scene is rather protracted. Ah, another little kid monster movie! And not a Kenny kid either, this is a full-on obnoxious lil brat along the lines of Time Of The Apes' Johnny, or that kid from Godzilla Vs. Megalon. When we meet this kid, he's aiming his superscience itch ray at relatives driving by in their car! There's a lot of other crazy on display here too. Episode 1109 is on YouTube.

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Paste Magazine rates this as the 6th best episode of the season.

Rotten Tomatoes (Critics N/A, Viewers 17%) - Wikipedia
IMDB (1967, 4.1 stars) - TVTropes
"Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of Yongary, a prehistoric gasoline-eating reptile that soon goes on a rampage through Seoul."
Directed by Ki-duk Kim. Written by Ki-duk Kim and Yun-sung Seo. Starring Yeong-il Oh, Jeong-im Nam and Sun-jae Lee.

Not to echo Reptilicus' host segment too closely, we've now had giant monsters from Japan, Great Britain, Denmark and South Korea, as well as, of course, the Unted States (from a demented Glenn Manning to an invading Giant Spider to huge grasshoppers in the Beginning Of The End to a darn big Gila Monster, among others I'm sure).

One page (I forget which) says that Toho, makers of the Godzilla films, helped out with the suit effects in this one.
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Anyone else think that I-cho is way more of a threat to the public safety of Seoul than Yongary?
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I really liked this one, as did my kids.
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Yeah, it really seems like the whole thing is meant for a kid audience, what with the obligatory and dopey monster-dancing sequence (you see, Dreamworks DIDn't invent that)… and if I had kids, I would've definitely called them into the room, only to regret it instantly during the PROFUSE RECTAL BLEEDING SCENE.
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It's MST3K Club time again!

Every night we watch that week's episode together in a shared video room. Lately, we've been watching two (a Season 11 episode then a Classic episode). We usually cap it off with something I've started calling YouTube Potluck, where people can suggest videos to show the group, I queue 'em up and we all have a good time.

Tonight's (Thursday's) show, at
7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific: 1109 YONGARY, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP
9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific: 802 THE LEECH WOMAN
10:30 Eastern/7:30 Pacific: YouTube Potluck

Note this week, I have a number of Colbert Late Show bits about the Comey testimony lined up, but as always I'll throw in most things people suggest, so long as they're funny, in keeping with the theme of the evening, and not too long, so as to keep things moving on to the next user's video. A good maximum length is ten minutes. And they don't have to be from YouTube either, most video sites will work.
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As they say in Yongary Yon Ross, capsules are for closers!
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"Have you tried yelling capsule?"*

*Lately I've been saying Capsule whenever I hear the word capsule, which is unfortunate because it started right around when I listened to the "Packing For Mars" audiobook, which uses the word capsule every few pages.
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I liked how much Jonah and the bots were shaken by the ending.
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I'm sad that we didn't get a Temple of the Dog reference on the title:

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♫♪♬ i don't mind stealing oil/ from the mouths of decadence ♬♪♫
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♫♪♬ Blood is in the river, it's from my anuuuuuus ♬♪♫
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YouTube Potluck finds:
Greg Baldwin, "Aku's Way":
Norm MacDonald on Fallon:
Colbert on Comey's opening statements:
Babadook meme:
Tiger Train:
About Leeroy Jenkins:
Physicists surprise colleague with a pneumatic cannon:
Outtakes from John Oliver and the Cookie Monster:
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I actually really like the acting in this movie? Like, mediocre overdubs notwithstanding. And the suit effects and miniatures are pretty good, even though the forced perspective shots are executed poorly. I even find the obsession with dutch angles during the panic scenes kind of charming.

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I liked how much Jonah and the bots were shaken by the ending.

Agree - and I think this is something they're doing really well in the new series, creating the right tone to be able to respond with sincerity to moments like that, where something in a movie is genuinely disturbing.
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