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November 22

For All Mankind: Home Again  Season 1, Episode 6

A launchpad accident leads to delayed missions and FBI background checks.
posted by KTamas at 8:55 AM - 4 comments

The Morning Show: The Pendulum Swings  Season 1, Episode 6

TMS covers the California wildfire, while Alex and Bradley struggle to keep their relationship from going up in flames.
posted by ellieBOA at 7:31 AM - 1 comment

The Crown: Coup  Season 3, Episode 5

While the Queen travels abroad to learn about horse training, unhappiness among the British elite with the devaluation of the pound involves Lord Mountbatten in a plan to oust Harold Wilson.
posted by Cash4Lead at 7:24 AM - 0 comments

The Mandalorian: Chapter 3  Season 1, Episode 3

The battered Mandalorian returns to his client for reward.
posted by KTamas at 6:25 AM - 10 comments

Seven Worlds, One Planet: Australia  Season 1, Episode 4

A land cast adrift at the time of the dinosaurs. Isolated for millions of years, the weird and wonderful animals marooned here are like nowhere else on Earth. In its jungles a cassowary - one of the most dangerous birds in the world – stands six feet tall. Inland, kangaroos and wombats brave snowstorms and gum tree forests are filled with never-before-seen predators. In its red desert heart, reptiles drink through their skin and huge flocks of wild budgerigars swirl in search of water. On secret islands Tasmanian devils roam and offshore, thousands of sharks gather for a rare event.
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Supernatural: Golden Time  Season 15, Episode 6

Sam and Dean are visited by an old friend. Castiel investigates the disappearance of a local teen. [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! at 4:26 AM - 3 comments

November 21

RuPaul's Drag Race UK: A New Queen is Born  Season 1, Episode 8

In the series finale the top three queens fight it out for the title of the UK’s first Drag Race Superstar. Strictly Come Dancing’s AJ Pritchard and his brother Curtis (Love Island) choreograph the three queens as they take on an all-singing, all-dancing final challenge. Michelle Visage, Alan Carr, Graham Norton and the eliminated queens all return as the finalists take to the runway one last time before RuPaul crowns the series’ ultimate winner. [more inside]
posted by urbanlenny at 9:47 PM - 1 comment

The Good Place: The Answer  Season 4, Episode 9

In an attempt to plan a better future, Chidi considers his past.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 7:33 PM - 30 comments

Mystery Science Theater 3000: SPACE MUTINY  Rewatch   Season 8, Episode 20

Rewatch! Commander Santa and aerobics witches! Slab Bulkhead and Back-From-The-Dead Susie! Apple II computer effects and stolen Battlestar Galactica footage! Calgon, take them away! Widely consider one of the best episodes, this South African production is hilariously strange. Previously
posted by JHarris at 3:47 PM - 5 comments

When the Camellia Blooms: Season 1 - all episodes  Season 1 (Full Season)

Dong Baek is a single mother living in the small town of Ongsan. She runs the bar-restaurant Camellia, while also taking care of her son Pil Gu. Regardless of what the locals may whisper about Dong Baek, local police officer Hwang Yong Shik is deeply in love with her. While Dong Baek tries to find happiness, something truly sinister lurks in the background. A serial killer roams Ongsan and Dong Baek may be a target. (Netflix US premiere, KBS Korean original) [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! at 1:30 PM - 3 comments

The Crown: Bubbikins  Season 3, Episode 4

Left without a home by a political coup in Athens, Philip's eccentric mother, Princess Alice of Greece, is invited to live in Buckingham Palace by the Queen. [more inside]
posted by Cash4Lead at 5:48 AM - 1 comment

November 20

The Crown: Aberfan  Season 3, Episode 3

A horrible disaster in the Welsh town of Aberfan leaves scores of children dead, but when the Queen takes a week to decide to visit the town to offer solace to its people, she must confront her reasons for postponing the trip.
posted by Cash4Lead at 7:51 AM - 12 comments

Dublin Murders: Season 1  Books Included   Season 1 (Full Season)

Dublin Murders is drawn from Tana French's mystery novels In The Woods and The Likeness. Blending psychological mystery and darkness, each novel is led by a different detective or detectives from the same Dublin squad. The first book centers on a duo investigating the murder of a 12-year-old girl; The Likeness is about a young female detective who goes undercover to solve a murder in an elite college town. The thruline is an intense emotional connection between cop and crime, underpinned by a disturbing tremor from another influence. [more inside]
posted by KTamas at 3:16 AM - 2 comments

November 19

Six Feet Under: Eat a Peach  Season 5, Episode 5

An elderly diabetic, who is denied canned peaches by his officious family, decides to treat himself to them in secret. Ruth finds George his own apartment under the pretext that it will be for the two of them. Nate and Brenda clash over when and what to tell Maya about her biological mother. David and Keith waver between surrogacy and adoption options. Claire is definitely done with Billy, whatever he or his mother do to try to get them back together, but doesn't know what her next step is. Rico tries to use some misbehaviour on Julio's part and misquotes the school principal in an effort to patch up his marriage, but when Vanessa finds out the truth she is more disgusted with him than ever. [more inside]
posted by orange swan at 9:02 PM - 1 comment

Arrow: Prochnost  Season 8, Episode 5

Upon learning the key to oppose The Monitor, Oliver and team return to Russia on a mission to gather the necessary materials. [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! at 8:46 PM - 5 comments

The Flash: License to Elongate  Season 6, Episode 6

Barry turns his attention to prepping Elongated Man for life after Crisis and without The Flash, but Ralph ultimately teaches Barry a lesson. Meanwhile, Cecile faces her own moment of self-discovery while helping a recuperated Chester P. Runk reclaim his identity. [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! at 7:23 PM - 3 comments

Mr. Robot: 407 Proxy Authentication Required  Season 4, Episode 7

I feud any data. [more inside]
posted by nequalsone at 6:45 AM - 29 comments

The Crown: Margaretology  Season 3, Episode 2

While Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon visit the USA, the queen, at the bidding of Harold Wilson, asks them to make a side trip to Washington, D.C. to ask President Johnson for financial assistance for the United Kingdom.
posted by Cash4Lead at 6:07 AM - 8 comments

Black Lightning: The Book of Resistance: Chapter One  Season 3, Episode 6

Jefferson is torn between his loyalty to his family and his commitment to saving Freeland. Meanwhile, Anissa's commitment to Grace is deepening. Lastly, Jennifer makes an interesting discovery. [more inside]
posted by oh yeah! at 4:43 AM - 0 comments

November 18

Critical Role: UnDeadwood Part IV: Goodnight, Miss Miriam [miniseries]  Season 2 (Specials)

Our heroes close in on the Necromancer after another personal loss, and come to realize justice takes many forms.
posted by booksherpa at 9:39 PM - 4 comments

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