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May 22

iZombie: Insane in the Germ Brain  Season 4, Episode 11

Liv consumes a germaphobe's brain during flu season. Isobel play pranks on the group. Ravi meets Peyton's parents. Major closes the net on the brain smugglers. [more inside]
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Supergirl: The Fanatical  Season 3, Episode 19

A disciple of Coville's escapes from what's left of his cult and gives Kara and James a journal that could help save Sam. Guardian's secret could be exposed. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Shelter From The Storm  Season 3, Episode 18

To erase the last of Sam's humanity, Reign hunts down Ruby while Alex and Lena keeps her hidden. Supergirl and J'onn visit Sam's mother to protect her. [more inside]
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Supergirl: Trinity  Season 3, Episode 17

Supergirl and the team faces off against the Worldkillers. Guardian is asked to do a difficult favor by Supergirl. [more inside]
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The Department of Time: El tiempo en sus manos (The time on his hands)  First Watch   Season 2, Episode 2

Salvador activates a protocol to have Julián detained and returned to the Ministry. Meanwhile, a cop from 1981 arrives in the present chasing a murderer who fled through a closet that turns out to have been a time door. His name is Jesús Méndez, nicknamed "Pacino" for his resemblance to the actor. In 2016, Pacino discovers that the he was declared guilty in absentia of the murders he was investigating. [more inside]
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The Department of Time: Tiempo de leyenda (Time of Legend)  First Watch   Season 2, Episode 1

Season Premiere: Lola Mendieta is in prison. Julián is back after some rest and psychiatric therapy. A new case awaits: the discovery of dated remains that could belong to El Cid, who was thought to be buried in the Burgos cathedral. Alonso and Amelia are sent with Ambrogio Spinola to the eleventh century to lead the investigation... which means pulling Julián from the team. [more inside]
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May 21

Cobra Kai: Different but Same  Season 1, Episode 9

Louie's reckless actions forces Johnny and Daniel to go down memory lane. The Cobra Kai students plot revenge against the popular kids. Miguel grows impatient with Samantha [more inside]
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Cobra Kai: Molting  Season 1, Episode 8

Johnny prepares his Cobra Kai students for the next All Valley Karate Tournament and in turn, he is inspired to clean up his life. Daniel is still unaware of his new pupil's background. [more inside]
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The Terror: We Are Gone  Season 1, Episode 10

The expedition's epic journey reaches its climax as men find themselves in a final confrontation with the Inuit mythology they've trespassed into. (IMDB)
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Star Trek: Voyager: Unimatrix Zero, Part II  Rewatch   Season 7, Episode 1

[Season premiere; part 2 of 2] Assimilated by the Borg, Janeway, Torres, and Tuvok plot to release a virus into the Borg Collective which will allow members of Unimatrix Zero to retain their individuality in the real world and resist the Borg Queen. Is resistance futile? Thus begins the last season... [more inside]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Rehab  Season 5, Episode 12

This week....
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get married. Next!
  • North Korea may call off the summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un over demands that the country denuclearize. John Bolton says on air they were using "The Libyan model," which turns out to be the worst thing he could have said; autocrats the world over have obsessed over Gadaffi's horrible death since it happened in 2011.
  • And Now: Local News Gets A Little Too British For The Royal Wedding ("Hello gov'ner." "Cheerio!" "Hallo hallo!" "Tally-ho." "A spot of tea?" etc.)
  • Main Story: Rehab, a 35 billion dollar industry. Federal law requires health insurance to pay for some of it, but there are no federal standards for what "Rehab" means, leading to a situation ripe for abuse by unscrupulous people.
  • And Now: Just Look At This Bunch of Royal Wedding Shit.
The Rehab segment is on YouTube. If you are suffering from addiction, instead of jumping right into a rehab clinic that may have a strong motive to take advantage of you, you could try The American Board of Preventative Medicine's search site for board-certified doctors, here. [more inside]
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May 20

Cobra Kai: All Valley  Season 1, Episode 7

When Johnny learns Cobra Kai is banned from the All Valley Tournament, he faces the City Council. Miguel asks Samantha out. Robbie takes lessons from Daniel, just as his buddies plot a heist from LaRusso Auto. [more inside]
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake & Amy  Season 5, Episode 22

Charles and the squad rush to save Jake and Amy's wedding day.
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Cobra Kai: Quiver   Season 1, Episode 6

Johnny's dojo class attracts a group of misfits while his son Robby, who harbors ulterior motives, lands a new job. Samantha makes a new friend in science class. Daniel inspires interest in karate from an unlikely person. [more inside]
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Westworld: Akane No Mai  Season 2, Episode 5

Shogun World extends a welcome to all. [more inside]
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Killing Eve: I Don't Want to Be Free  Season 1, Episode 7

Tensions are running high as the situation in Moscow escalates and Eve starts to question who she can trust. [more inside]
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Patrick Melrose: Never Mind  Season 1, Episode 2

At the Melrose family’s glorious house in the South of France, young Patrick has the run of the magical grounds. His father David rules with cruelty and his mother Eleanor has retreated into self medication and booze. Bravely imaginative and self-sufficient out of necessity, 9-year-old Patrick encounters the volatile lives of adults with fear. They are expecting guests for the weekend, but this afternoon is profoundly unlike other summer days, and the shocking events that precede the guests’ arrival tear Patrick's world in two. Preview.
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Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey, Nicki Minaj  Season 43, Episode 23

Host: Tina Fey, Musical Guest: Nicki Minaj [more inside]
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May 19

Cobra Kai: Counterbalance  Season 1, Episode 5

Cobra Kai gains it's second student. Daniel has an intricate plan to get payback on Johnny. Miguel defends Samantha against Kyler during lunch break. [more inside]
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Cobra Kai: Cobra Kai Never Dies  Season 1, Episode 4

Robbie is in hot water with his father. Johnny plans to shut down Cobra Kai after Miguel is injured. Samantha and Kyler's relationship hits rock bottom. A vandalized billboard creates tension for Daniel. [more inside]
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