Mystery Science Theater 3000: CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD   Rewatch 
June 17, 2021 12:25 AM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! This episode is more popular than I suspected, partly on the strength, perhaps, of its short, A Day at the Fair. The movie itself is a spy-themed made-for-TV thing, made by Quinn Martin, originally intended as an NBC series pilot. The plot has to do with a couple of people trying to protect a deadly gas that can kill people on contact, which is indeed pretty deadly. It sounds impossible to work with. The host segments spotlight MST3K's least-considered regular character: Magic Voice. Previously and again.
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Every Thursday evening, some of us get together at to watch that week's episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, as well as other interesting things. We call this MST Club, and you're invited to join us! Shows start at 7 PM US Eastern (6 Central/5 Mountain/4 Pacific), with the episode in particular beginning two hours in, at 9 (8/7/6).
posted by JHarris at 1:50 PM on June 17, 2021

I’ve cracked their code. I think it’s Diamond Head.
posted by Servo5678 at 6:01 AM on June 18, 2021

The fact that Mr. "Nice Skull" was a finalist to be captain of the Enterprise is consistently entertaining to me.
posted by AlonzoMosleyFBI at 4:28 PM on June 21, 2021

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