Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE BEATNIKS   Rewatch 
May 16, 2019 2:01 AM - Season 4, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Rewatch! No, they're not Beatniks. They're not even Boatniks. A young thug is content with a life of robbery until it turns out he can sing, but his grasping for fortune and respectability is held back by his jilted criminal buddies. It was directed and written by voice actor Paul "Boris Badenov" Frees! There's also a General Hospital soap opera short, which are unfortunately among the most boring shorts MST did, but does have their commercial for The Booze Council.
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We do MST Club every Thursday starting at evening at 7 PM Eastern, at, with an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 itself starting at 9 PM. We also show lots of other stuff: other movies, shorts, YouTube oddities and intermissions, depending on what the mood is. C'mon out tonight and have some fun!
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Just what I needed today.
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Ah, Paul Frees, also known for Ludwig Von Drake, narrating jobs "in character" for Disneyland (becoming The Guy You Hired to Do Orson Welles if You Can't Get Orson Welles), and Dead Celebrity Imitations which he showed off in a 1970 album singing/talking current hits in character, "The Poster People", which proved just how NOT in touch with the younger generation he was.

As a kid obsessed with the credits on cartoon shows, I gave him too much credit, thanks to Jay Ward's practice of not letting anybody get more than one on-screen listing, otherwise his Producing partner Bill Scott would've been also listed as a creator, writer and voice actor. So for years I was misled that Frees and not Scott did Bullwinkle's voice. I've learned a lot about the UNreliability of on-screen credits for cartoon voice actors. (It has gotten better)
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It still amuses me to no end that had "The Beatniks" and "The Rebel Set" exchanged titles, it would make far more sense.
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