Mystery Science Theater 3000: POD PEOPLE   Rewatch 
August 7, 2019 4:45 PM - Season 3, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Deep in the northwestern woods somewhere is a house in which lives a lonely boy with way too many pets. His newest pet, however, is from a species with serious aggression problems. Oh also there are poachers in the woods. Oh and there's some singers in town who are vacationing in those same woods. It stinks! Pod People, shown early in Season 3, is a hugely iconic episode of MST3K, and "It stinks!" quickly became one of the shows many, many catchphrases. And I think we can all agree: the pet alien from this movie would make a better president than our current one. Previously.
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Having already seen this a couple-a times (definitely two, possibly three, my memory fails me), I'm still not certain whether the pet alien from this movie may be our current president.
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They both can do stupid things. Trumpy, at least, has a kid who thinks he can do magic things. Trump mostly does racist things.
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This was the first episode I ever saw, I believe. It's not really one of my favorites, because I have a hell of a time hearing what's going on.
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This is one of a couple of MST3K movie selections where the opening credits (of the movie, not MST3K itself) play over what seem to be scenes from a similar, but different movie. I've always found that baffling.

The run of potato jokes is just terrific though. "Winged potato".
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The answer there is Film Ventures International.
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It's time again for MST CLUB, our weekly viewing of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and other weirdness, beginning every Thursday night at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific), with the episode itself starting two hours in. All this happens at, so drop by why not?
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Joel created the show, I think he's a legit genius and as a person I like him a lot better than Mike... But all that being said, I generally find the Mike era a lot funnier, tighter and more watchable than the Joel shows. The Mike episodes feel like a sci-fi/comedy TV series, while the Joel episodes can feel a little too much like just hanging out and watching a movie with your stoner pals. Not a bad experience by any means, but by the time it's over I'm sometimes left feeling like maybe I should have spent the evening doing something more productive. All that being said, this one is a real classic. When I'm in a snarky mood I'm not above giving things the It Stinks thumbs-up, and I still get the Idiot Patrol/Hideous Control song stuck in my head.
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