Mystery Science Theater 3000: WILD REBELS   Rewatch 
May 13, 2020 9:06 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Rewatch! On Sunday: They were reckless violent killers before it was cool, and they did it for the kicks! Three biker thugs and a lady, calling themselves "Satan's Angels," see what they did there, decide to rob the prestigious Bank of Citrusville, and the only one who can stop them is a former stock car racer who they perhaps unwisely approached to drive the getaway vehicle. One of those movies where no one is likable. Previously
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I am convinced this is the exact same movie as Sidehackers.
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There are three movies that could be considered "biker movies" in MST's catalog, but of them Sidehackers is not a very strong inclusion, as it really only has bikes and Ross Hagan. Wild Rebels and The Hellcats (which is along shortly) are "true" biker movies. This one's pretty traditional, but The Hellcats has a funky 60s vibe, and sometimes seems like it's in the bikers' side (remember The Bike Song?), which makes it unsettling sometimes. Its like the makers saw The Hellcats as like an anthropological thing, an examination of the (fake) biker culture or something. Wild Rebels, on the other hand, views bikers as roughly two degrees worse than Lucifer.
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Punchy, crunchy rebels!
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Wow. The memorial showing of Fernwood 2Night for Fred Willard (RIP) was so nostalgic and special... Fernwood was meta before meta was cool. Extry-special thanks to both rodneylives and TheSnakeOfArgument for making these Sunday night showings, indeed all the showings of MST3k during these pandemic times, a safe space of relief and succor. Salud!
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Also, I made that grilled cheese sandwich that irks Ilana so much.
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Look, man, I love grilled cheese. It's one of my main pandemic food groups at this point. I totally support you consuming all the grilled cheese.

Just...ugh, commercial, don't cut my food into four pieces and call it a new food opportunity! I can't wait until I find out how to consume beverages one sip at a time, rather than tossing the whole thing down my gullet at once...and wait 'til you hear about my new chocolate bar called "breaking a KitKat in half."

Whew...sorry. I should just go eat a Fruit By The Foot.

(By the way, I mentioned this comment to my spouse, who has announced his intention to cut my grilled cheese in four pieces when he makes it for Wednesday lunch. You're all against me.)
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PB Max don't stand for Pinecone Bowling.

It don't mean Previous Basketball.

It stands for Pickled Broccoli.
real Pickled Broccoli.
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