Mystery Science Theater 3000: WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST   Rewatch 
August 13, 2020 3:20 AM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! The sequel to Bert I. Gordon's Amazing Colossal Man, shown in episode 309. The episode would probably be regarded as a sleeper if it wasn't for the short before it: MR. B NATURAL. Previously, first time - Second time

Mr. B Natural has been widely regarded as the best short, but has its stature diminished a bit in this era of more trans-inclusive content? Are Joel and the 'bots jokes a bit insensitive? Perhaps so. The host segment that follows might be seen to be so too, taking the form of a debate between Crow, who claims Mr B Natural should be seen as a woman, and Servo, who claims they should be considered a man in that bombastic way Kevin Murphy Servo could really sell. The question that they might be neither doesn't come up.

MST3K is a show that, despite the fact that they filled several hundreds of hours of content, dips into this well surprisingly rarely, but maybe this is one time when their jokes might not have aged well? I'd appreciate hearing from people, what they think about MST3K's treatment of the short.

Rifftrax would return to Mr. B Natural later. It might be worth putting that version in after for a bit of compare-and-contrast.
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Well, whether a Mr., Ms., or Mx., B Natural seems a rather oxymoronic* name, and since chromatically there is no B Sharp, the Pixie Formerly Known as B Natural would be best identified as B Flat, for semi-obvious reasons.

*and I know oymorons, 20 years ago, I assembled one of the largest collections of them for the year 2000, the OXY2K. If I still had it in me, I'd work on an OXY3K.
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MST Club is happening again tonight (Thursday) as scheduled, beginning at 7 PM Eastern time (that's 4 PM Pacific), at The episode part of the show begins at 9/6 PM.
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