Mystery Science Theater 3000: ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES   Rewatch 
September 14, 2020 12:55 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Huge, possibly intelligent leeches survive by abducting rednecks, storing them in an air pocket at the bottom of a lake and sucking away their fluids. How will the authorities remedy this situation? Why, with the use of explosives. There's a short too, the first episode of the Crash Corrigan serial Undersea Kingdom, the oldest thing ever riffed by the show.
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Ack--the visible URL in the link I had intended to obscure under the single word Previously like I usually do. I don't suppose a mod could change, or alternatively just remove it? It's kind of an eyesore like this, I think.
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This is the episode we'll be showing at MST Club Thursday night (Sept. 17), at 9 PM Eastern time (full show begins at 7), at
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