Mystery Science Theater 3000: VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS   Rewatch 
April 15, 2021 2:49 PM - Season 5, Episode 23 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Little Ronnie Howard invents a growth "goo" that the angry teens in town get into and cause problems. The last Bert I. Gordon movie MST would cover (as of pre-Season 13). Previously.
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Here's the usual deal: MST3K Club is our weekly viewing of MST3K. It's at at 9 PM ET/6 PM PT on Thursdays (today). This is a good episode, so I hope you can make it.
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(We have a pre-show that begins at 7/4, if you want to come out early!)
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In other news--

We're going ahead and contributing to Joel's new MST3K Season 13 Kickstarter, which is gaining funding even faster than last time! They seem to have learned some important lessons from last time, namely, don't partner with a ready-to-cancel streaming service, and so are working on "The Gizmoplex," a bespoke streaming service. It is my personal hope becomes available for streaming, or maybe video-syncing, things from other sites so as to become a means that we can construct our own shows in a manner like we do at Wouldn't that be nice?
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I remember that film all too well as a kid. The one where the most memorable scene is one where a giant women in a curtain bikini is facing with a regular sized guy desperately clinging to her boobs...
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