Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE LEECH WOMAN   Rewatch 
December 16, 2021 1:37 PM - Season 8, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Rewatch! A married couple h-a-t-e each other, but the guy's hate diminishes when he discovers he can make his wife young again with special magic neck juice supplied by an African lady. They go to Africa to get more and, well, things deteriorate. Concerning the show's "story arc," the SOL is still in orbit above Deep Ape. There's only four Deep Ape episodes and this is the second one. Previously.
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MST Club meets Thursday nights starting at 7 PM Eastern time, with the episode itself starting at 9, at Tonight's show is the last main MST Club meeting of the year--next week is the Christmas Marathon, and after that is New Year's Show! We'll pick back up with 803 THE MOLE PEOPLE in 2022.
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It's a shame The Whelk's account is disabled, he chimed in this was his favorite episode last time.
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I found one of those pineal rings on eBay! It's only up to $23. I think I might bid!
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You're not planning on using it, are you?
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Be sure to videoblog your murderous youth-restoring process!
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The best line I came up with during The Leech Woman was when the lady had a drink and does this little shiver:
"Booze transformation sequence go! She is the one called Sailor Booze!"

That got me thinking about the rest of the Sailor Booze show. Like her friends/teammates Sailor Gin, Sailor Scotch, Sailor Brandy, Sailor Vodka, etc. Her magical companion is a little animate cocktail umbrella who may just be a hallucination. She pines for the love of Tuxedo Flask but, as we see in the movie, he absolutely despises and resents her.
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"Pineal-ring chop!" is my new go-to move.
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