Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE FINAL SACRIFICE   Rewatch 
July 28, 2022 2:43 PM - Season 9, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! Another fan favorite, unlikely hero Zap Rowsdower and dorky teen Troy on on a road trip to upset the diabolical machinations of... uh, a diabolic machinator. He has a name but honestly it's hard to remember much beyond Rowsdower. He had his own song on YouTube which I had linked to in past posts, but apparently the rights owner to the movie is No Fun and had it taken down. Boo, Tjardus Greidanus! Previously and again.
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Troy is like the Platonic Ideal of the dweeb.
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I hear he grew up and became quite the looker though!

Here's our weekly announcement that we hold MST CLUB Thursday nights starting at 7 PM Eastern, and show an episode at 9 PM Eastern. Please come out and watch with us, at, if you want, and have the time and interest!
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Featuring Canadian villain Garth Vader!
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Oooooooh I hates them bare-armed, ski-masked cultin' varmints.
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I do wish that the original film would have been more successful and launched a whole franchise: The Extended Rowsdower Multiverse!
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I just now realized why the protagonist's name is Troy.

Consider the story concept for a moment and you will too. Then you too will roll your eyes so far into the back of your head as to cause your optic nerves to pop out between your eyelids, alarming onlookers.
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