Mystery Science Theater 3000: H.G. WELLS' THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME   Rewatch 
July 13, 2023 4:03 PM - Season 13, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rewatch! In space, things happen. There's a plague and Jack Palance is evil, and at one point his holographic head is gigantic and rotating over the landscape of an alien planet, and there's a really annoying robot that can teleport wherever it wants it seems. H.G. Wells fans, well, won't actually have much to enjoy here, the movie's kind of dull and doesn't really have much to do with his writing. The movie's a mess. Previously.
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The movie's a mess

Harsh. My Canadian tax dollars supported this film.
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The literati know that this is really adapted from H.G. Wells’ classic Journey to the Center of Whatever the Fuck This Is.
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For some reason, I find this movie really entertaining. I enjoy both the MST3K riff and the Rifftrax riff of it.
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I loved the disco-era vibe of the movie. Also, "Alexa, play Asia by Steely Dan!" and the riffing during the battle with the robots in a field somewhere in Canada and it is autumn.

Plenty of details about the movie on this web page.

Same site has some scoop on Ann Marie Martin

Born as Edmonda Benton in Ontario in 1957...In 1978, she played Clea in the Dr. Strange TV movie. Apparently, she was one of the many young actresses that auditioned for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, too. In '81, she changed her name to Anne-Marie Martin, and retired from acting only a few years later.

From 1987 to 2002, she was married to best-selling novelist (and Westworld creator) Michael Crichton. When the couple split up, she reportedly received a 31 million dollar settlement. Needless to say, she now lives a life of leisure, devoting much of her time to keeping and riding horses.

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