Mystery Science Theater 3000: WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD
April 13, 2016 1:56 AM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the future Donand Pleasance has taken over the world as we all knew he would, and it's up to a gravelly-voice drifter and THE MOST ANNOYING TALKING MOTORCYCLE to save it, because the world sucks. Story is that director David Worth was shown the poster art and told to make a movie to go with it. This is the first of two appearances by Donald Pleasance on MST; the second is 903 THE PUMAMAN. This is the episode with "the Paper Chase guy," the Robitussin riff, Servo/Kevin Murphy's riffing on every face in a rapid pan of extras, and the inimitable Megaweapon, voiced of course by Mike. Many fans divide the show into "Joel era" and "Mike era" episodes, but I think the show is as usefully divided at this episode, where that Mike-era feel starts to appear. There are just 12 Joel episodes left. YouTube (1h32m) Premiered July 24, 1993.

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Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt - Wikipedia
IMDB (1983, 2.3 stars)
Directed and written by David Worth. Starring Robert "Paper Chase guy" Ginty, Persis "Lt. Ilia" Khambatta, Donald "Blofeld" Pleasence and Megaweapon as himself.

Interesting fact: despite being one of the more recent MST movies, all three of its main stars are deceased as of 2016. Director David Worth is still around though and boy, has he ever made a pile of bad movies, including Kickboxer and Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. But he keeps himself busy and that's what we like to see. Rock on, Worth!
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Paper Chase Guy isn't his legal name? Who knew? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Oh, man. That talking motorcycle. The highlight is the brawl with the post-apocalyptic mohawk ninjas next to that van. I like that part.
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I showed this episode to in-laws who knew the Paper Chase series but who refused to believe that Motorcycle Antihero Guy was in it. I guess that, as he aged, he just got Gintier and Gintier to the point of transcending Gintiness itself.
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I'm not sure I see there as being a clear era division here. To me, the show kind of feels like:

Primoridal (KTMA - Season 1)
Early (Season 2 - 3)
Mid period (Season 4 - 6)
Late period (Season 7 - 10)

I know that doesn't precisely overlap with cast changes.
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Yeah, I never really thought of this as a divider. My system is usually:

Josh: K-1
Frank+Joel: 2-Mitchell
Frank+Mike: Brain that wouldn't die-6
Busy with the movie: 7
Scifi: 8-10
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Fifteen or so years after seeing this, my husband and I can still crack each other up by singing the theme from Sanford and Son and then yelling out, "Grady! The Paper Chase guy is here!"
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I've mentioned this before, but for about half an hour back in 2001 my husband and I were going to give our unborn son the middle name of "Megaweapon".

He chickened out though.
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For me the dividing line has never been Joel/Mike but rather Frank/no Frank. It just wasn't the same without him.
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Anyway, as I hope is obvious by now, we're having a showing of this episode tonight (Thursday), at, 9 PM Eastern time. Bring snacks, this is a good one.

For more (a little outdated) information on our club showings, go check out the Club FAQ whydoncha.
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[21:08:38] valkane: He's proved his Worth!!!
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[21:08:38] valkane: He's proved his Worth!!!

Do we have unfavorites on this site?
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