Mystery Science Theater 3000: ATOR THE FIGHTING EAGLE
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aka Ator L'Invincible. Every legend has its beginning... even the very bad ones. Long ago barbarian lawyer/surgeon/hangglider enthusiast Ator, from way back in 301 THE CAVE DWELLERS, was born, hidden away from evil guys, and raised to fight the Spider Puppet God. Along the way he falls in love with his sister (WTF), makes nookie with an evil witch lady, finds a magic mirror shield, and suffers all the personal trauma that a primitive fantasy world can dish out. The conclusion to The Gauntlet sees Dr. Erhardt fulfilling Dr. Forrester's last wish, Jonah and the bots shipped to Earth to go on the "Deep Hurting" tour, and Kinga and Max falling into the trap that Jonah spent the past five episodes building. This is the end of Season 12 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and, unless more episodes are made, the series.

Episode 1206 (show 218)

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IMDB (3.0 stars, 1982)
Sean Kilby on IMDB: "The son of Torren learns of his heritage, goes to avenge the deaths of his fellow villagers, and rescue his sister/love interest from the evil Dakkar and his spider cult. Ator battles giant spiders, swordsmen cloaked in shadow, re-animated dead warriors, and horribly hideous witches."
Directed and written by Joe D'Amato. Starring Miles O'Keefe, Sabrina Siani and Ritza Brown and "Dakar."

I think Ator's fiance/sister Sunya deserves the Newt Award for Pointless Rescue, since she's killed after this film and long before sequel Cave Dwellers begins.
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As most weeks, we're meeting tonight (Thursday) at, at 7 PM Eastern time, for viewing an episode and other random things. The episode itself begins at 9 Eastern. I hope to see you there!
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And you may ask “how much Keefe will be on hand for the showing?”
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Out of all the movies this season, I feel like this one, as bad as it is, would probably be the most watchable outside the riffing context.

I actually really would like to see Kinga and Max doing the riffing next season, even if it's just for a single episode. That'd be amazing.
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I am disappointed he doesn't build a rudimentary hang glider with nothing but some twine, sticks, and a modern hang glider.
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he falls in love with his sister (WTF)

This is where I got stuck while watching the movie. WTF. WTF!

I mean....

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The structure of the movie really makes it seem like he's going to have a realization that maybe he shouldn't marry literally the first girl he ever met and end up with Roon instead, but then NOPE! SHE'S DEAD!
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In what way is Ator an eagle? Why does the spider-man have a huge eagle statue? Wouldn’t a spider be more appropriate for the sanctum of spider cult? The only actual eagle in the film sits on a perch in the amazon’s village in one scene, what’s up with that?
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Eagles don't work cheap, man.
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Nice to see some non-white people here, even if they were the bad spider guys.
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