Mystery Science Theater 3000: DIABOLIK   Rewatch 
February 6, 2019 11:30 PM - Season 10, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Super-thief Diabolik steals stuff in a series of wildly implausible heists, such is his hunger to have sex in, on, or in front of valuable things with his girlfriend Eva Kant (who seems to be misnamed). It's based on an Italian comic book. You know, in that country Donald Duck is a superhero. Italian comics are weird, is what I'm sayin'. Again, this was the last episode of the classic series. Previously.
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Readers, have you considered letting MST Club into your life? Are you aware that, in centuries past, MST Club made impossible sacrifices for the well-being of your very soul? Alone on the mountaintop, spirits and fairies came unto MST Club and described unto it the secrets of existence and the universe. If you are unprepared, the evil Mad Scientists will laugh and throw your soul into the eternal satellite of pain. You can only combat this with the help of the sacred Satellite of Love! Come and discover how the sufferings of a man trapped up in space and forced to watch terrible movies can have a profound effect in your physical, spiritual, and of course economic life!

Our shows begin Thursday nights at 7 PM Eastern (that's 4 PM Pacific) at We start with a preroll movie or other thing, usually related in some way to the episode, and other random internet detritus. We watch an episode of MST3K (the one in the post, if we can manage it!) at 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific. I hope you can "JOIN US!"
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It’s true! before MST Club, I was an unhealthy, depressed, sarcastic rodeo clown with little to no future and financially destitute. But now I’m an unhealthy, depressed, sarcastic boat captain with no future, but last night I found a $20 bill in an old pair of jeans in the bottom of my closet! ALL HAIL MST CLUB!
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Um... do you guys make us wear e-meters or something like that?
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The very birthplace of my birth!
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I remember getting such a huge laugh out of "It's Not Unusual To Steal Trucks From Anyone!", and then the episode was over and I thought, "That's the last big laugh I'll get from MST3k". Glad to have eventually been proven wrong on that.
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do you guys make us wear e-meters or something like that?

Only during the episodes with Mike in them.
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I'd like to testify... My name is Foop and I'm an MST3K Clubber. The Club was very very good for me, having spent a brief time professionally writing about Media in the Mid-'00s and not being allowed to get snarky about the Star Wars Prequels OR 'Two and a Half Men'. I believe - against all evidence to the contrary - in the power of the MST3K Club to cleanse my soul of the impurities of the movies on SyFy and even Hallmark Channel. Thursday Late Afternoon (Pacific Time) is My Church Time (and Hint of Lime Tostitos and Cherry Coke are my Body and Blood of Joel).
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Please come to a MST3K club meeting. We've made so much cheezy broccoli and rice and it'd be such a shame for it to go to waste.
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What I wouldn't give for a hamburger sandwich and some nice French-fried potatoes!
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This movie is really something.
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