Mystery Science Theater 3000: SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL   Rewatch 
February 27, 2019 7:21 PM - Season 6, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Rewatch! What would Airplane! be if it weren't played for laughs, like, at ALL? It'd be a lot like San Francisco International, a pilot for a TV series heavily inspired by the movies that inspired Airplane!, like Zero Hour and the various Airports. So come back with us and linger in a place that most people want to pass through as quickly as possible. Previously.
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Peak 1970s here, up there with Angel's Revenge.
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I will never get tired of "The answer, my friend, is blow it out your ass."
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I recall that the three-letter designation for Los Angeles International is LAX, earning it the ironic nickname of "EX-LAX", since, unlike the laxative by that brand name, it made NOTHING flow through smoothly (which is probably why the TV show wasn't set at L.A.Int'l.
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MST Club! Thursdays (tonight!) starting at 7 PM Eastern for the preshow, 9 PM for the episode! It happens at! Be there or be... a person who doesn't come. It's okay, we don't mind! Show up if this is your sort of thing!
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Somewhere there is an entire vault of Quinn-Martin productions and it would make an ideal season of MST3K.

Like the Quinn Martin Nature Preserve, only 12 hours long.

"My job. My way."
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