Mystery Science Theater 3000: MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE   Rewatch 
October 30, 2019 8:19 PM - Season 4, Episode 24 - Subscribe

Resuffer! For Halloween this year, we've moved an episode up an week. Spend All Hallow's Eve with us, Torgo and the gang! Previously. And we've got a whole bunch more Halloween stuff before and after at MST Club this week!
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watch out for The Master.
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Thursday night at MST Club (at, starting at 7 PM Eastern time (4 PM Pacific time) we have a bevy of Halloween specials this year. Manos begins at around 9/7, but just a bit after midnight/10 we've got something extra special planned. I don't want to say exactly, explicitly what it is, but it's just a step to the right....
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I know the disdain you have for us in the Specific Time Zone, but the correct times should be Manos at 9 eastern, 6 western and Halloweenie Surprise (which you gave too obvious a clue for, you Schlocky Horror) at Midnight eastern, 9 western.Because if any of us Left Coasters show up an hour late, it'll be your fault and we'll send the flying monkeys after you.
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AH, sorry about that. I got the Pacific/Western hour for Manos wrong too, it's at 6 according to your crazy moon system.
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I hate those damned monkeys.
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They're a total failure as a Monkees cover band.
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"You know, this film has certain flaws."
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Any minute now.....uh....Manos....the uh....hands of fate.
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Well, that was a grand halloween evening of entertainment, featuring Garfield, REAL Ghostbusters (a lot of Lorenzo Music voicework), Classic Claymation, a full dose of MST3K Manos, some non-Munsters, and your maximum requirement of Rocky Horror, plus other stuff my overloaded brain can't remember but I must have enjoyed (I always remember what I don't like and I don't recall any here). Bravo (and other basic cable channels)!!!

Eagerly awaiting next week's Mitchellization....
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So sorry I missed it. Sadly my health was crappy today and so I slept instead. (cries)
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Remembered what I forgot... TWO classic Muppet Shows, with guest stars Vincent Price and Alice Cooper! Between them, Rocky Horror and Real GBs, it all took me back to the time when it was cool to laugh at what was supposed to be scary.
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