Mystery Science Theater 3000: MITCHELL   Rewatch 
November 7, 2019 2:55 AM - Season 5, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Joe Don Baker IS Mitchell, a cop that doesn't play by the rules. For example, the rules about drinking on the job. The rules about sleeping with prostitutes. The rules about interacting with other human beings, especially kids. Certainly the rules about nutrition and hygiene. There is a story here about a drug dealer and his henchman who Mitchell seems like is almost trying to annoy into turning themselves in. In the end the lasting impression caused by this movie can be summed up in two words: BABY OIL. You'll know why when it appears on screen. (shudder) In the show's history this episode is especially notable for being Joel Hodgson's last as host. Previously

Mah mah mah mah GOD
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This is the most accurate description imaginable of Mitchell.
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His name practically says "I need a beer."
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"Wasn't John Saxon in this movie at one point?"
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But the big question is: after last week's Halloween extravaganza, what are you going to give us in supplimental entertainment? I would suggest taking the "Joel's last episode" theme and extend it to other classic "lasts" on TV, like the last episode of St. Elsewhere with the snowglobe or the last episode of Bob Newhart's second sitcom where he wakes up next to his wife from his first sitcom. Or some of the great last episodes of scifi series that knew they were ending... Babylon 5 was infamous for having 'final episodes' at the end of the 4th season when they thought they were being canceled and at the end of the 5th season when the Story Arc was officially complete (not to mention the earlier final episode with Michael O'Hare as Sinclair, the original station commander and its Joel equivalent). There are so many other examples of great (or awful) final episodes or cast changes that could fill several hours before and after the main Mitchell... the departure of Diane from Cheers, the tragic departure of Colonel Blake on M*A*S*H... you could just show all of The Doctor's regenerations on Doctor Who.
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Even after all this time, I don't think I can handle another viewing of the final St Elsewhere.
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I think one of my favorite finales was BtVS, with the exception of Xander being a dick about the death of Anya. (Yes, I am STILL ANGRY.)
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After St Elsewhere, it made MORE sense to see Richard Furst on Babylon 5 and Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal ... not to mention William Daniels as the voice of the Knight Rider car.
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After all this time and the many viewings I've done, I'm still flabergasted at the plot contrivance of the police captain that thinks nothing is going to happen at night because...... the gangsters have a curfew?
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MST Club (Thursday nights) is about to begin, at!
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Remember to go and check any boxes of hamdingers you have lying around. Either they've packed with an escape rocket you should've used years ago, or expired hamdingers that should probably be thrown out.
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You guys watch Joe Don Baker movies?
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"I can't understand why Mitchell 2 was never made."

This is the only MST3K my wife and I quote at each other.
"Word on the street is, you're a jerk."
"I'm-a Aytalion don'tcha know."
"Big butter moon, the sidewalk looks like ice cream if you squint hard..."
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At my last job, I saw a hundred different names every day, and I always liked coming across MITCHELL, HEART'S POUNDIN', MITCHELL, VEINS CLOGGIN', MITCHELL!

My coworkers already knew I was a weirdo.
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Cedar lattice. Works every time.
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any movie with wakka-chu-wakka in it is okay by me.
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