Mystery Science Theater 3000: TIME CHASERS   Rewatch 
November 14, 2019 4:06 AM - Season 8, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Nick is a high-school teacher with a secret--and no, that secret doesn't involve cooking meth. He's the inventor of a time machine! And its workings are an 8-bit microcomputer, who's have thought! It's really a shame that he turned to EvilCo for his first round of funding. I'm kind of surprised this episode placed so highly on the poll, I mean it's pretty good, but better than Manos? Soultaker? SCCTM? Hobgoblins? Time of the Apes? Master Ninja? A couple dozen other episodes? I mean, it tied with Starcrash! I guess it's one of those episodes that's grown in the years since first airing. Previously
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I think Time Chasers places so high because it's an almost-watchable movie on its own, meaning that the riffs are a bonus, rather than the only thing distracting us from the pain.

In sad news, Virginia Leith, star of The Brain Who Wouldn't Die, has passed at 94. She had a good run, and was ahead of her time.
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I'm fond of it because it was the very first MSt3K I ever saw. I still prefer any episode riffing on a more modern movie to a older movie.
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MST Club is getting underway, at, c'mon out if you want! (We're not pushy in MST Club.)
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It's a good episode; I'm a little uncomfortable with how harsh they get towards the lead actor.
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