Mystery Science Theater 3000: TIME CHASERS   Rewatch 
May 12, 2022 4:23 PM - Season 8, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! A guy invents a time machine using a small airplane and an 8-bit computer, but sells the tech to EvilCo. Good job! It's quaint that the movie believes a person working on his own without vast resources could invent something that a huge corporate behemoth couldn't. The roman times subplot is over on the SOL, this and the next episode are just sort of "in space" before we reach Castle Forrester in Season 9. Previously and again.
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Back in college when my friends and I entertained ideas of making a movie, we'd walk around the campus and pick out locations that could be stand-ins for very disparate places. Some of them were perfect fits, while others would really have to stretch the audiences' imagination.

This is all to say that I can relate to the location scout who picked that bizarre library landing with circus mirror and said to themselves, "This is the office of a multi millionaire CEO".
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It's the Ripley Opera House in Rutland, VT (which explains the location but doesn't really excuse it).
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In case you're a real glutton for punishment, the Rifftrax LIVE! version of this includes a long "comic relief" scene featuring a talkative cab driver cut from the MST3K broadcast.

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