Mystery Science Theater 3000: I ACCUSE MY PARENTS   Rewatch 
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Jimmy is a high-school student who writes essays about how great his family is, but in fact his home life is terrible. So, he goes right out and gets in trouble with the mob. Remember parents, if you don't throw your kid a birthday party they'll go out and crime it up, and lie about literally every. thing. Fortunately hamburgers dispensed by kindly diner owners are the cure for all moral lapses. Thank you cows, for being our huge lowing Jesuses! Previously Next week is the last episode in our poll tour. See inside for more information on MST Club.
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Now that MST Club has finished both a tour of every episode and is just about to finish one of the most popular episodes divided by poll, there's the question of what to do now?

Starting another tour of every episode kind of freaks me out, since it took like four years to finish the first one. Another popularity poll will probably bring up the same episodes again. We could do KTMA episodes, which we've never tackled systematically, but the low joke density of those episodes combined with their great primitiveness make them tough going for even committed MSTies; they're interesting as curiosities, I think, but not as primary subjects.

So what to do next is kind of a problem, and not just for coming up with a new way to pick episodes. Making a Fanfare post for every show, even for revisits, is not what the subsite was made for. Really, now that every episode has a post (and sometimes more than one), we're just using the site as a place to announce shows. If we had another place to announce them that's visible to people it'd be nice; posting them on Talk, week after week, would be an even worse solution. I have no solution to this other than continuing to make new posts and marking them as Rewatches, which is not ideal.

As for which episodes to watch next, we might just do it by fiat for a while. It's been long enough since Seasons 11 and 12 now that we may visit the eps from them that came up in the poll, which we skipped. That'll take us another month or a bit more than a month. Then, I dunno. Episodes we just like? It's nice to know in advance what episodes are coming up for constructing prerolls and post-shows, so whatever solution we pick should probably involve a schedule.

Well, that's the State of the Club as of 12/9/2019. Ideas?
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Here’s a suggestion: How about we do the movies themselves without riffing? We obviously couldn’t do all of them because of availability issues, but a number of them are out there on streaming. More importantly, they are uncut. I personally have had a blast tracking down Mitchell and Operation Double 007 and watching those before Best Brains pared them down for broadcast.
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Although I haven't participated in much of the off-site stuff—well, any, except for a Turkey Day or possibly two—it seems to me that a simple interim option is a single FF Talk thread, updated weekly, which interested parties would then see in their activity? Does this violate any MetaFilter norms or policies that I'm unable to think of ATM?

How about we do the movies themselves without riffing? We obviously couldn’t do all of them because of availability issues, but a number of them are out there on streaming. More importantly, they are uncut. I personally have had a blast tracking down Mitchell and Operation Double 007 and watching those before Best Brains pared them down for broadcast.

This sounds super cool, and definitely within the wheelhouse of the Club. You could broaden it out to closely-related Obviously Bad Films too, perhaps some that were done by Rifftrax/Film Crew/etc.; Killers from Space starring Peter Graves comes to mind, or the additional Deathstalkers. Who knows, I might even be persuaded to somehow participate in FF threads about my big MeFi research project, ALL OF MASTER NINJA.

Of course, this idea might entail legwork on JHarris's part, inasmuch as the FF thread for "Movie (Original Non-MSTed Edition)" should probably (A) indicate its affiliation to MST Club in the FF post, and (B) explain or hint at the ways in which the uncut version differs from the MSTed version.

Re: j'Accuse, Pope Guilty had it right: this is MST at its most locked-in.
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Honestly, I think the burn out is a thing that we can all understand. You've done a helluva thingy here Rod.

And I think we all know where to go on Thursday nights.

My suggestion would be to continue as before, Starting over, only we take turns adding the movie of the week of the same year that Snake finds to fanfare, and still brand that as MST club. Everyone orange can take turns. I'm willing.

That way, we keep up the tradition, and add to fanfare.
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So many possibilities; first, showing the highest-rated Netflix episodes, then going back for selected KMTA episodes (the first episode, first appearance of the Mads, first japanese monster movie...), then to the MST Spin-offs, starting with Cinematic Titanic, in which Joel recruited the ex-Mads for gang-riffing, then the best of RiffTrax.

As for other content, not everybody is aware how we have (thanks to the heroic efforts of better Klub members than me) also shown other MST-worthy but un-riffed movies and some seriously good quality current genre tv... and with Steven Universe Future in progress and the Umpteenth Doctor and the Umpteenth Star Trek coming soon, that's something we must continue (I'd recommend the Watchmen series and the upcoming space-sitcom from the creator of Veep with Hugh Laurie). And we can go back to past goodies like that short-lived space-sitcom with Joel as the starship janitor or waaaaay back to the show titled Quark from the creators of Get Smart with Richard Benjanin and Tim Thomerson (killed after 6 episodes, a very short run for 1970, but teenaged me loved it). In the area of animation, Gravity Falls, Venture Brothers, Invader Zim (the movie-length Florpus was a hoot!) or the Animated The Tick... or, if you can go far enough back, the great-great-granddady of movie riffing, Jay Ward's Fractured Flickers where the writers of Bullwinkle rewrote classic silent movies and added the voices of Bill Scott, June Foray, Paul Frees and Hans Conried. I wish I had the resources to find all these goodies myself.

And just a thought: if we are really going to go beyond MST3K in the coming months, we could rename the Klub to something like MetaFilterTheater2020 Klub. (or 4K, or 10K, or 20K or 0K-boomers)
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>Jay Ward's Fractured Flickers

Holy. Crap. I saw a few of these eps with my dad when I was about 8 years old, just a random time-filler on a Saturday night. I laughed my head off without catching the title or anything that would be a useful search term, and have wondered for over 30 years what the hell I’d been watching. That memory was part of why MST3K was so compelling to me when I first came across it, even though I was sure it wasn’t the thing I’d seen. I’m so thrilled right now!

I don’t feel like I come around often enough to have much of a say, but I love that the Club happens and I’ll probably keep dropping in on any iteration suggested in this thread.
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As for this week, it's time (Thursday night) for MST Club, at In addition to the episode, we've got two ghost-and-gorilla movies to watch tonight. Two good things that go great together!
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