Mystery Science Theater 3000: FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS   Rewatch 
May 28, 2020 12:41 AM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Rewatch! There are few MST movies that are as full of ridiculous crap as this one, it's kind of amazing. On Earth a space message is recovered from Venus to which scientists affix the catchy name the "cosmic document." They don't know what it says yet, but they decide to bring it along with them on a trip to its home planet to meet its makers. Along the way we meet a team of people with the huge letter 'A' on their uniforms, an international team of weirdos, a chess playing robot that can't handle losing, a vaguely oppressive sleep computer, the oppressive crib mobile of Venus, a flood of killer goop and alien architecture straight out of Dr. Seuss. In the end the cosmic document gets decoded and turns out to be plans to destroy the world, so, that's nice. Previously

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Oh, my gods. When I was growing up, my technophile dad had a couple of 16mm film projectors (the same blue Bell & Howell projectors that, like, every school in the US had in the 70s, which meant that I got to be the A/V guy in most of my junior high and high school classes) and boxes and boxes of old films. "First Spaceship on Venus" was one of the movies he had, I must have watched it a dozen or so times before I hit my teens... and I honestly had and have NO idea what the movie was about. Like, the only thing I can remember now is the killer goop and the little tracked robot. I'll have to watch this episode.
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My dad saw this in theaters as a kid, and the ending apparently made such an impression on him that "DON'T LEAVE ME ON VENUS!!" was a running joke in our house. Very useful phrase for when you're e.g. still finding your shoes when everyone else is going down to the car
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I really like this film. There are some incredibly goofy moments and the plot ultimately doesn't make much sense. But I enjoy the whole "we are all trying to get along" vibe of its cast.

Plus the adorable small creatures, you will be enchanted by our antics—those lines from Joel get me every time.
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