Mystery Science Theater 3000: CITY LIMITS   Rewatch 
September 6, 2020 6:54 AM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Another of those post-apocalyptic movies, back before we knew the end of civilization would be a big social media fiasco. There are multiple sub-genres of the type: Fallout, Mad Max, zombies, robot overlords, and the one this movie belongs to, themed teen gangs. Has James Earl Jones in it, and also Kim Cattrall. When City Limits first aired it was one of the most recent movies MST had done, but there's been plenty of newer movies since. The movie is more goofy-bad than boring-bad or incompetent-bad, so it's a good episode for MST newbies and casuals. Previously
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Me and some others are proud(?) members of MST Club, a group that watches Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes together (with other assorted fun things) in a video share room every week (lately, twice a week). There is no real membership though--anyone can join in! Similarly, we like to crack our own jokes at the movies and things, but that is by no means necessary. These shows happen Thursday and Sunday starting at 7 PM Eastern time (that's 4 PM Pacific) at I hope you can drop by!
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There are so many memorable faces in this one (though you can't see them in a lot of scenes because of the dim lighting). Get past the obvious star power of Jones and Cattrall and you find prolific character actors like Tony Plana and John Diehl. And then there's Dean Devlin, who would a decade later write the screenplays to Universal Soldier, Stargate and Independence Day.

"Goofy-bad" is the perfect description, and the actors really do their damnedest to sell it.
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