Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE BRUTE MAN   Rewatch 
October 28, 2021 3:01 PM - Season 7, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Rewatch! Rondo Hatton is The Creeper, a deformed killer who wants to do something good, and so steals money to help a blind girl, but ends up killing people anyway. Hatton had acromegaly from chemical warfare suffered in World War I, which he managed to use to establish a career in Hollywood as "The Creeper" in a series of movies, but also killed him shortly after The Brute Man was made. Tragedy surrounds us. But there's also a short promising all the wonder and joy and relief from suffering that the future surely has in store for us: The Chicken of Tomorrow! Oh? Oh. Previously.
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The short: Surprisingly competent, even perhaps watchable, at least compared to most of the shorts they do. Except, of course, for that weird sexy chicken voice-over part. I also love Mike's comment at the end: "Did America really need to be sold on the automobile industry at this point?"

That grocery store manager. Jeez, what an unhinged lunatic! "Why did you hire me if you hate me so much?" And Mike just laughing at the manager's unceasing cruelty... that's good stuff.
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