Mystery Science Theater 3000: DEATHSTALKER AND THE WARRIORS FROM HELL   Rewatch 
November 4, 2021 4:05 PM - Season 7, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! In a fantasy realm there is this guy called Deathstalker, and he's kind of a hero? Previous movies make him seem a lot more unclothed and morally questionable, whereas here he's just a smug jerk with a sword. Anyway, here he enlists the aid of undead warriors against the villainous sorcerer "Troxartus" or something. Great riffing in this one. Previously and again.
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I just happened to rewatch this one, and for some reason I actually tried to pay attention to the story. I have to give it this: they tried—by which I mean, the story shows effort in a way that other sword-and-sorcery hackjobs very often do not bother with (e.g., I only got maybe forty minutes into Reb Brown's Yor: The Hunter from the Future for this reason). But what makes Deathstalker 3 painful (apart from Relson) is that the story's effort is so earnest and yet so…not up to the task. It's all crystallized in the dopey swordfights between Deathstalker and Truck-Artist: you can tell somebody thought they were being epic and profound. Fortunately for MST purposes, it's not slow and dull, and there's plenty of fuel for very good riffing.
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Yeah, someone thought hard about that mother and her daughter living off on their own, and their weird, fanatical passion for potatoes.

There were four Deathstalker films, and I seen three of them, although the first I don't remember much of. The second though is rather a lot of fun, it doesn't take itself seriously at all, it's full of purposeful crazy. And boobs. Let's not forget all the boobs.

I might have blocked out a lot of DS1 because, according to the esteemed Chrysostom, it's story is chock full of sexual assault.
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Potatoes are what we eat!

And to think earlier he misrepresented his knowledge of the location of the horses!
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So, I didn't have access to MST3K for most of the original run(s); I watched almost all of them years later. But I was aware of it, and I seem to remember some "Joel vs. Mike / Original Fan vs. Newbies" debate when Joel left, and I'm sure there were similar gripes when Frank left, and then Dr. Forester, but I rarely felt like any of the various crews weren't firing on all cylinders, at least after they got their sea legs midway after the first season and a half or so.
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