Mystery Science Theater 3000: LASERBLAST   Rewatch 
December 2, 2021 4:02 PM - Season 7, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! A kid living out in the desert gets a ray gun that also turns him green, and he takes out his frustrations in an orgy of laser violence against innocent Star Wars signs, until goofy lizard aliens stop him. It's the last episode of the Comedy Central era of the show. Previously and again.
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MST Club is Thursday nights, beginning at 7 PM Eastern Time (4 PM Pacific), at! The episode begins typically two hours in, if that is your main focus. Drop by some time, won't you?
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What channel or service is this on? I remember there being a feature about this in Starlog waaaaaay back in the day, and even then (junior high for me) thinking that it sounded cheesy as hell.
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A lot of MST episodes are on YouTube, including many official copies, and we try to use those in our show if we can (sometimes they cannot be embedded, or have a too-restrictive country block). We cannot always use YouTube, but then, we do not promise to show every episode.
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Man, that Clint Eastwood will turn you every which way but loose.
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I wonder why they called this movie "Laserblast"?
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"Maserblast" just didn't communicate the power of the weapon nor the stakes* of the plot.

*sheetcake and back fat
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There are several free streaming apps with eps of MST3K & Rifftrax (and other related): Shout!FactoryTV, PlutoTV, and Xumi are the 3 I use most.

The cast of this movie is like a black hole of anti-charisma. The most appealing performer is EDDIE DEEZEN. OK, Roddy McDowell is amusing, especially that epic hairline shift. But jeez, the guy they cast in the lead... And what the hell was with that sex scene with him and his girlfriend?! Oh god, it was like a war crime, or some horrifically transgressive body horror film that would make the Human Centipede guy scour his eyes with bleach.

MIKE: "This guy has put more rolled up towels under more doors..."

I like the gag of Crow mockingly comparing Mike to the main character. "Look familiar, Mike? Hey Mike, was that what your room looked like in high school?" For one, I just find it charming the way they set up the relationship between Mike and the 'bots differently than Joel's. But these jokes in particular are funnier knowing that Mike is a conservative Xian.

The guy LASERBLASTing the Star Wars billboard is such an odd little inclusion. Like, what was the director's intention with that? Was it intended as a metaphorical shot across the bow? Was it a warning to George Lucas, "I've got a new franchise, and I'm coming for you, buddy!"
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Follow-up: Shout!FactoryTV also has all (?) 10 episodes of Cinematic Titanic, which is Joel, Trace (Dr. Forrester), Frank, Mary Jo (Pearl Forrester), and J. Elvis Weinstein (original Tom Servo & GPC). They are really, REALLY funny.
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Let's not forget Keenan Wynn is in the movie too, Alonzo Hawk himself.
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(Keenan Wynn is one of a small number of performers we've watched that I've fixated on. A few others: Mamie Van Doren [still kicking!], Lee Van Cleef, Donald Pleasence, Hans Conreid, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, and some others.)
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Oh man, I forgot the most insane part of this movie:

WTF is up with that shoulder-height doorknob in the poofy haired scientist's lab?!?!
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