Mystery Science Theater 3000: WEREWOLF   Rewatch 
September 19, 2019 4:03 PM - Season 9, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Time for snausages! A man gets werewolved by touching old teeth, kills some people, sleeps "nose to anus," and eventually passes his condition to his girlfriend. Remember to inform romantic partner about possible STDs. A popular episode! Contains both a host segment song and the "Tusk!" gag over the closing credits. Previously.
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It's time (that is to say, Thursday night) for MST Club! As usual, at, starting at 7 PM Eastern, with the actual episode at 9 PM. We've got other stuff to show you too! Hope you can make it!
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This is absolutely fascinating.
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I'm only supposed to talk to people who are in actually in the movie
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Oh god. In addition to the episode, we've taken to showing other movies both before and after the main one. Both were exquisitely bad; one was a post-Night Court role for Richard Moll (he seemed like he was having fun!), the other, well, I'll just say the words "Kevin Costner" and leave it at that.

Next week, it's DANGER! DEATH RAY, hope to see you then!
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Okay, stop, everyone go up a shirt size...
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"Where O Werewolf" is one of the top five MST songs.
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