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September 8

Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space (Netflix)   All Seasons

Bee and PuppyCat is an American animated streaming television series created and written by Natasha Allegri. The series revolves around Bee (voiced by Allyn Rachel), an unemployed woman in her early twenties, who encounters a mysterious creature named PuppyCat (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver). She adopts this apparent cat-dog hybrid, and together they go on a series of temporary jobs to pay off her monthly rent. [more inside]
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Movie: Samaritan

A young boy (Javon Walton) learns that a superhero (Sylvester Stallone) who was thought to have gone missing after an epic battle twenty years ago may in fact still be around. [more inside]
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Movie: The Rules of the Game

In this melancholy French social satire, André (Roland Toutain) is having an affair with Christine (Nora Gregor), whose husband, Robert (Marcel Dalio), himself is hiding a mistress. Meanwhile Christine's married maid, Lisette (Paulette Dubost), is romantically entangled with the local poacher. At a hunting party, trusted friend Octave (Jean Renoir) also confesses his feelings for Christine, as the passions of the servants and aristocrats dangerously collide. [more inside]
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU  Season 13, Episode 9

"She Rules a Palace of Pleasure ...for WOMEN! the most DIABOLICAL... BIZARRE... SADISTIC WOMAN WHO EVER LIVED!" Evil lady woman Su-Muru girlingly tries to take over the world with her nefarious army of maiden damsels. The character was created by Sax Rohmer and the movie produced by Harry Alan Towers, both of whom also responsible for Fu Manchu, so you probably should load up on coffee before attempting this one. If you're casting a Sax Rohmer movie about one of his standard megalomaniac characters, would you pick Frankie Avalon? These people did. Premiered September 2, 2022, on the Gizmoplex. [more inside]
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September 7

Mystery Science Theater 3000: MERLIN'S SHOP OF MYSTICAL WONDERS  Rewatch   Season 10, Episode 3

Re-rewatch! A kid is bored, so his grandfather tells him tales of wonder to entertain him. But the grandpa is Ernest Borgnine, and he tells the kid about Merlin setting up shop in a strip mall and sourcing dangerous magic items to the suburbian public. Starting to see why King Arthur had problems. This is another classic episode from the last season of the classic series. Previously and again.
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Movie: Hail the Conquering Hero

Trying to follow the footsteps of his family of war heroes, Woodrow Lafayette Pershing Truesmith (Eddie Bracken) leaves his small town to join the Marines during World War II. Discharged for hay fever after only a month, he takes a job at a San Diego shipyard and writes letters to his mother about his fictitious wartime exploits. When the time comes to return home, a group of Marines pities him and returns with to convince the town that , Woodrow is the great hero he claimed. [more inside]
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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: AEW Dynamite 9/7 and Rampage 9/9  Season 3, Episode 49

The aftermath of ALL OUT 2002... in more ways than expected! After his big win over Jon Moxley at the pay-per-view, CM Punk ran his mouth at the post-show media scrum (internet smarks are calling it the "Gripebomb"), cussing out the EVPs (and new Trios Champions) Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. This prompted a big backstage brawl that was emphatically not part of the show, which has led to suspensions, and now here we are. [more inside]
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Agatha Christie's Poirot: Third Girl  Season 11, Episode 3

Poirot is approached by a young heiress who tells him that she may have killed someone, and when her childhood nanny is found dead, it seems as though she is telling the truth. However, Poirot uncovers a conspiracy rooted in a tragic family history.
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Movie: Mannequin

A newly employed window dresser accidentally finds the mannequin he made is cursed. [more inside]
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Movie: Lady in White

Locked in the cloakroom after school as a Halloween prank, Frankie (Lukas Haas) meets the ghost of a young neighborhood girl, Melissa Anne Montgomery (Joelle Jacobi), who had been found strangled to death 10 years before. Frankie soon learns that nine other children have been killed in the years since, and with the spectral help of Melissa and her mother, a grieving apparition known as The Lady in White (Karen Powell), he attempts to discover the murderer before he becomes his latest victim. [more inside]
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Book: The Pink Line

A groundbreaking look at how the issues of sexuality and gender identity divide and unite the world today. More than five years in the making, Mark Gevisser’s The Pink Line: Journeys Across the World’s Queer Frontiers is a globetrotting exploration of how the human rights frontier around sexual orientation and gender identity has come to divide—and describe—the world in an entirely new way over the first two decades of the twenty-first century. No social movement has brought change so quickly and with such dramatically mixed results. While same-sex marriage and gender transition is celebrated in some parts of the world, laws are being strengthened to criminalize homosexuality and gender nonconformity in others. A new Pink Line, Gevisser argues, has been drawn across the world, and he takes readers to its frontiers.
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September 6

Movie: Lifechanger

A shapeshifter sets out to make things right for the woman he loves. [more inside]
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Movie: The Quiet Man

After accidentally killing an opponent in the ring, boxer Sean Thornton (John Wayne) leaves America and returns to his native Ireland, hoping to buy his family's homestead and live in peace. In doing so, he runs afoul of Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen), who long coveted the property. Spitefully, Will objects when his fiery sister, Mary Kate (Maureen O'Hara), begins a romance with Sean, and refuses to hand over her dowry. Mary Kate refuses to consummate the marriage until Sean retrieves the money. [more inside]
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September 5

House of the Dragon: Second of His Name   Season 1, Episode 3

Daemon and the Sea Snake battle the Crabfeeder. The realm celebrates Aegon's second nameday. Rhaenyra faces the prospect of marriage.
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Movie: Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

When Hamilton High's Prom Queen of 1957, Mary Lou Maloney is killed by her jilted boyfriend, she comes back for revenge 30 years later. Bill Nordham is now the principal of Hamilton High and his son is about to attend the prom with Vicki Carpenter. However, she is possessed by Mary Lou Maloney after opening a trunk in the school's basement. Now Bill must face the horror he left behind in 1957. [more inside]
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Silver Surfer: (1998, Full Season)  All Seasons

The Silver Surfer wanders the universe seeking his lost home after rebelling against Galactus.
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Book: Perfume

From the Inside Flap: An acclaimed bestseller and international sensation, Patrick Suskind's classic novel provokes a terrifying examination of what happens when one man's indulgence in his greatest passion-his sense of smell-leads to murder. In the slums of eighteenth-century France, the infant Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with one sublime gift-an absolute sense of smell. As a boy, he lives to decipher the odors of Paris, and apprentices himself to a prominent perfumer who teaches him the ancient art of mixing precious oils and herbs. But Grenouille's genius is such that he is not satisfied to stop there...
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Podcast: The Besties: A Fun Time at the Movies with Immortality

This week, we're discussing the latest Sam Barlow FMV game, Immortality. It's all about the history of cinema and auteur theory and, tragically, Chris Plante isn't here to explain what all of that means. Also, what other FMV performances have stolen our hearts? Also discussed: Dark Souls 2, Dark Cloud 2, Alan Wake, Simulacra, Diveki Games, Jetpack Joyride 2 [more inside]
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September 4

Movie: The Searchers

Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) returns home to Texas after the Civil War. When members of his brother's family are killed or abducted by Comanches, he vows to track down his surviving relatives and bring them home. Eventually, Edwards gets word that his niece Debbie (Natalie Wood) is alive, and, along with her adopted brother, Martin Pawley (Jeffrey Hunter), he embarks on a dangerous mission to find her, journeying deep into Comanche territory. [more inside]
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Movie: Aquaslash

Look people, I could recap this plot, but it's really just a bunch of setup to get you to a scene where there's a water slide that chops people up. Ignore the plot and just start with twenty minutes left. [more inside]
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Special Event: AEW All Out 2002

This year, Tony Khan just said "Screw it, everybody's storyline gets a climax at All Out", and that's why tonight's card will have FIFTEEN matches (counting the pre-show. All championships at stake, everything to play for! [more inside]
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Movie: Black Friday

On Thanksgiving night, a group of disgruntled toy store employees begrudgingly arrive for work to open the store at midnight for the busiest shopping day of the year. Meanwhile, an alien parasite crashes to Earth in a meteor. This group of misfits led by store manager Jonathan (Bruce Campbell) and longtime employee Ken (Devon Sawa) soon find themselves battling against hordes of holiday shoppers who have been turned into monstrous creatures hellbent on a murderous rampage on Black Friday. [more inside]
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Movie: Birdemic: Shock and Terror

This shot-on-video riff on The Birds as heavy-handed environmental allegory makes The Room look like a Palme d'Or winner. Bad sound, lame visuals, boring dialogue, clunky music cues, horrifically bad special effects of acid spitting clip art eagles, and more shots of a blue Mustang driving around than you thought were possible. The inept sincerity of James Nguyen's trash-terpiece defies belief. [more inside]
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September 3

Bad Sisters: The Prick  Season 1, Episode 1

In the first episode of the Dublin-set mordant comedy Bad Sisters [trailer], the close-knit Garvey sisters attend the funeral of John Paul, a candidate for Worst Brother-In-Law of the Century. Meanwhile, a small-time insurance agent decides John Paul’s death is too suspicious to warrant an automatic payout to widow Grace, so he and his reluctant business partner/brother start an investigation. Starring Sharon Horgan, Eva Birthistle, Sarah Greene, Eve Hewson, Claes Bang, Brian Gleeson, and Daryl McCormack. [more inside]
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Movie: The Cutting Edge

Two former Olympians, one a figure skater and the other a hockey player, pin their hopes of one last shot at Olympic glory on one another. That is, of course, if they can keep from killing each other in the process...
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All That Glitters: Britain's Next Jewellery Star: The jewellers are back in the workshop for seaon/series two  Season 2 (Full Season)

With a new judge (but sadly not a new host) the jewellery-making competition has returned. [more inside]
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Movie: What Josiah Saw

Everyone in town knows about the haunted Graham Farm on Willow Road. Josiah and his youngest son, Thomas, are all that remain of this estranged family. But after experiencing terrifying visions from beyond, Josiah decides they must change their ways to right a great wrong. After being away for over two decades, Eli and Mary, Josiah's eldest children, are enticed to sell the property and reunite at the old farmhouse in hopes of closing this haunting chapter of their lives for good. Sins of the past will be paid in full. [more inside]
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Book: Girls Can Kiss Now

Girls Can Kiss Now is a fresh and intoxicating blend of personal stories, sharp observations, and laugh-out-loud humor. This timely collection of essays helps us make sense of our collective pop-culture past even as it points the way toward a joyous, uproarious, near—and very queer—future. [more inside]
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September 2

Movie: The Man from the Diners' Club

An employee at Diner's Club issues a credit card to a well-known mobster and has to retrieve it in order to keep his job. Starring Danny Kaye. Available to stream on Amazon Prime. [more inside]
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Podcast: The Adventure Zone: Setup - Dust Season 2

Travis returns to MC Season 2 of The Adventure Zone: Dust. Special guest Erika Ishii (@erikaishii on twitter) joins the adventure to Wild-West inspired Crescent City. Listen in as we create our characters and give a primer on the mechanics of the game.We're playing Urban Shadows by Magpie Games: https://magpiegames.com/pages/products
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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Adrift  Season 1, Episode 2

Galadriel find a new ally. Elrond faces a cold reception from an old friend. Nori endeavors to help a Stranger. Arondir searches for answers while Bronwyn warns her people of a threat.
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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: A Shadow of the Past  Season 1, Episode 1

Galadriel is disturbed by signs of an ancient evil's return. Arondir makes an unsettling discovery. Elrond is presented with an intriguing new venture. Nori breaks a deeply held community rule.
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Kleo: Kleo  Season 1 (Full Season)

Kleo is a young, idealistic East German assassin who is burned and sent to prison by her own people. After the Berlin Wall falls she is released from prison along with all political prisoners. She sets out to get revenge (and maybe some answers) from the people who burned her. [more inside]
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American Horror Stories: Necro  Season 2, Episode 7

[no input signal]
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American Horror Stories: Facelift  Season 2, Episode 6

A woman concerned about her age risks everything on a life-changing surgical procedure.
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Movie: Lord of Tears (2013)

When James Findlay's mother dies, he inherits from her the mansion he spent his childhood in and which his mother requests he never return to. Ignoring her wishes, he returns to sort out the estate and finds himself delving inexorably deeper into a horror that even his vague, traumatic memories of a sinister owl-headed figure are only the surface of. [more inside]
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Movie: The Harbinger

A family moves their troubled daughter to a small town, where people suspect she is responsible for a series of mysterious deaths. Fearing something evil followed them, the tormented parents must do whatever it takes to save their daughter. Not to be confused with the other 2022 horror film with this title. [more inside]
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Movie: I Came By

An aimless, jobless, disaffected young graffiti artist named Toby (1917’s George MacKay) breaks into people’s homes to tag his signature phrase: “I came by.” His next target is a wealthy former judge (Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville). When he enters the judge’s home, he sees a light underneath a door in the basement. He checks it out, which is a great idea, no notes. [more inside]
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September 1

American Horror Stories: Bloody Mary  Season 2, Episode 5

Four teens at a party dare each other to conjure a spirit.
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Movie: Who Invited Them

Adam and Margo’s housewarming party is a success. However, one mysterious couple linger long after all the other guests have left. The uninvited couple reveals themselves to be their wealthy neighbors, Tom and Sasha. But as a single nightcap leads to another, Adam and Margo start to suspect these new friends are actually duplicitous strangers. [more inside]
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American Horror Stories: Milkmaids  Season 2, Episode 4

New England, 1757: A village devastated by smallpox finds an unlikely savior, and does not make her feel welcome.
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College GameDay: Week One - Pittsburgh/Columbus  Show Only   Season 37, Episode 1

We already had a little surprise in Week 0 when Northwestern beat Nebraska, but the season really kicks off tonight with the Thursday slate, including the return of the Backyard Brawl as West Virginia visits #17 Pitt. [more inside]
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Movie: Europa

Postwar Germany, 1945. Leopold Kessler (Jean-Marc Barr), an American of German descent, works as a sleeping car conductor for the Zentropa railway line. When he meets Katharina Hartmann, the railroad owner's daughter, and they fall in love, his life intersects with the dark and violent path of a mysterious organization opposed to the United States army military occupation. (Also known as Zentropa.) [more inside]
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Star Trek: Lower Decks: The Least Dangerous Game  Season 3, Episode 2

Straddle the line in discord and rhyme, K'Ranch's on the hunt he's after you... [more inside]
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Movie: May

Young misfit May (Angela Bettis) endured a difficult childhood because of her lazy eye. And though contact lenses have helped May adjust as a young adult, her deep-seated awkwardness remains a problem. Adam (Jeremy Sisto), a young man obsessed with fixing wrecked cars, takes a shine to May's oddball ways. But May's strangeness ultimately drives him away, leaving her open to the advances of her co-worker Polly (Anna Faris). When Polly dumps her too, May's emotional instability turns violent. [more inside]
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Movie: Commando

The ultimate '80s Schwarzenegger movie, replete with a threadbare plot, outsized action, and endless one-liners. [more inside]
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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law: The People vs. Emil Blonsky  Books Included   Season 1, Episode 3

Jen and friends battle legal proceedings and a Light Elf from Asgard, as Emil Blonsky and his better eighths plead his innocence, with the help of the Sorcerer Supreme.
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: GIRL IN GOLD BOOTS  Rewatch   Season 10, Episode 2

Re-rewatch! A sleazy slimy movie. Follow Michele along her starry-eyed journey working as a humble waitress at a desert diner called EAT to working as a go-go dancer in a club called The Haunted House. A surprisingly fun episode, but the movie is real icky. Previously and again. [more inside]
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August 31

Resident Alien: The Weight  Season 2, Episode 11

Asta tells Dan about the shooting while Harry learns what it takes to be a good friend.
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Reservation Dogs: Wide Net  Season 2, Episode 5

The Aunties let loose while at their yearly IHS conference.
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Reservation Dogs: Mabel  Season 2, Episode 4

The village comes together to send Mabel on her journey.
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What We Do in the Shadows: Freddie  Season 4, Episode 9

Guillermo has a visitor from overseas. [more inside]
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Reservation Dogs: Roofing  Season 2, Episode 3

Bear gets a job.
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American Horror Stories: Drive   Season 2, Episode 3

A wealthy and apparently unemployed sex addict prowls nightclubs in search of conquests, all too aware that she may be a killer's next victim.
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American Horror Stories: Aura  Season 2, Episode 2

An anxious woman buys a home security device that doesn't exactly set her mind at ease.
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Movie: On The Count Of Three

Val has reached a place where he feels the only way out is to end things. But he considers himself a bit of a failure so he figures he could use some help. As luck would have it, Val's best friend, Kevin, is recovering from a failed suicide attempt, so he seems like the perfect partner for executing this double suicide plan. But before they go, they have some unfinished business to attend to.
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Agatha Christie's Poirot: Cat Among the Pigeons  Season 11, Episode 2

After revolution overthrows Prince Ali Yusuf, his friend hides priceless jewels in the tennis racquet belonging to English schoolgirl Jennifer Sutcliffe. By rights, the jewels should belong to the prince's cousin, Princess Shaista, a pupil at Meadowbank School. However, no one knows where they are. Poirot finds out that things and people are not quite as they seem.
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Movie: Sweetie, You Won't Believe It

Dastan can no longer stand the constant nagging of his highly pregnant wife and decides to run away for at least one day with his friends. The men go fishing, which would have gone smoothly, if not for a series of unforeseen events. A Russian/Kazakh horror comedy by Yernar Nurgaliev. [more inside]
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Movie: Bull

Ten years after he was last seen, a vicious mob enforcer returns home to find his son and methodically track down the gang that double-crossed him. His quest for revenge soon leads to a savage showdown between his wife and her mob boss father. [more inside]
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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: AEW Dynamite 8/31 and Rampage 9/2  Season 3, Episode 48

It's the final show(s) before ALL OUT, and all the pieces are coming together. Who will Jon Moxley defend his newly-united World Heavyweight Championship against this Sunday? Plus, Omega vs. Ospreay rematch years in the making! [more inside]
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