May 10

In a Violent Nature

The upcoming In a Violent Nature looks to be essentially a first-person slasher movie. It has a 95% fresh rating from critics so far on RT. It's going to be released to theaters unrated on May 31. And it is making audiences gasp, scream, and occasionally vomit. It's coming to Shudder later this year. Here's the trailer.
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May 1

Knuckles anyone?

Is there any interest in discussing the new Knuckles show on Paramount+? It is a spin off of the Sonic the Hedgehog cinematic universe with only six episodes; pretty short, but plenty of fun while it lasts.
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Leftovers Re-Watch?

I've been re-watching The Leftovers, my second viewing after having watched the original run 10(!) years ago. I've been re-reading the original FanFare commentary, and while it's fascinating to see how opinions about the show changed in real time, I'm wondering if a re-watch might kindle some deeper, more meaningful conversation, particularly in light of our own very-real departure, errr, pandemic. [more inside]
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April 13

What happens if you can't find the show on

I wanted to suggest this Franklin show (new on AppleTV), but that is NOT any of the "Franklin" options that come up on "verify show." I can't select the correct one and there isn't a "write something in" option.
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April 11

How do we want to talk about Fallout?

Is there enough interest to do episode by episode discussions or should we binge the discussion ala Amazon Prime?
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April 10

Joker: Folie à Deux | Official Teaser Trailer

Featuring Lady Gaga
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March 19

"Til Death" analysis video

I never even heard of the apparently unlamented show "Til Death," and it doesn't sound like it deserves its own FanFare writeup, but this deep dive into season 4 (its last), by the creator of Ironic Sans, will probably appeal to folks with an interest in how showbiz works and folks with an interest in meta weirdness. [more inside]
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March 17

Shakespeare Movie Club

I started a Shakespeare Movie Club, mostly because I was already doing it and was hoping people would also be interested and then I could talk to people about Shakespeare. [more inside]
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March 14

Let's convene here and say things about the trailer for The Crow (2024)

The trailer for the 2024 remake of The Crow. Stars Bill Skarsgård, FKA twigs, Danny Huston. Directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman).
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February 19

Including Just Watch links

Is Just Watch a useful resource to include in posts? [more inside]
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February 10

Add each show's streaming service to it's Fanfare page?

Would it be possible to add a note somewhere prominent on each show's Fanfare page saying which network or streaming service is airing it? I'd find it helpful to know immediately whether or not it's a show my existing streaming subscriptions allow me to watch. If not, then why waste my time reading about it?
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December 18

What happens when your bad guy…is a bad guy

Marvel has dropped Jonathan Majors after Majors was found guilty of assault. "Majors was positioned as the key figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the Disney-owned studio building its entire current story arc around Majors’ Kang the Conqueror." Majors has already portrayed Kang in the recent Ant Man and Loki productions.
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November 17

National Museum of the American Indian Native Cinema showcase online

Streaming now through Friday, Nov. 24: The National Museum of the American Indian online Native Cinema Showcase. With eight days of online screenings, the program includes 35 films (six features, 29 shorts) representing 22 Native nations in six countries: U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Colombia. [more inside]
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October 22

Do We Want To Talk About Bad Movies?

So there's a movie which is currently trending on Netflix's Top Ten which I think is a bad movie and I have a lot of feelings about - I was hoping there was a post on FanFare about it, even though I thought it was unlikely, so I could talk about it. But at the same time, I don't want to make a post on FanFare about it, because I don't like the movie and I don't know that too many others will like the movie either - I feel like it would just be a mutual hate circle. Maybe that's not good in movies where other users are going to like the movie - but is it okay in movies where that's not so much the case? What do folks think?
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October 9

Anyone interested in a sort of 1001-Movies club?

Partly because I've already gotten going on this myself, and partly to create engaging posts like DOT did - I'm wondering who'd be interested in a monthly classic-films club of sorts, with the 1001-Movies-Before-You-Die playlist. Or should I just occasionally make a post? [more inside]
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July 29

I prefer episode by episode to "full season"

I'm curious why people like to do full season posts instead of episode by episode. I've never watched a whole season in just a day or two; is that something people often do? [more inside]
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July 23

Ahsoka watch order

Ahsoka is coming out in about a month - that's plenty of time to get caught up! [more inside]
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June 27

The Big, Fat, Fabulous Bear

Janoschs Traumstunde is a West German animated children's television series that originally aired from 1986 to 1990. It was dubbed into English and released on VHS in the early 90s. [more inside]
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May 23

Trailer Park: June 2023

A week or so early, as we're headed out on vacation, here is another batch of fresh trailers for upcoming movies. Films featured include: The Creator; The Color Purple (2023); Oppenheimer; Black Lotus; Sheroes; Mad Heidi; The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster; Killers of the Flower Moon; The Miracle Club; The Meg 2: The Trench; The Auschwitz Report; Susie Searches; Robots; Maybe I Do; The Walking Dead: Dead City; Theater Camp; Brooklyn 45; God Is a Bullet; Surrounded; Earth Mama; May December; A Haunting in Venice; Kraven the Hunter; Project Silence; Caviar; Bird Box Barcelona. [more inside]
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May 2

Clear eyes, full hearts, let's watch?

It's come to my attention that Fanfare TV does not contain a Friday Night Lights section. What's the general interest level in remedying this? [more inside]
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April 28

Trailer Park: May 2023

A few days early, here is another batch of fresh trailers for upcoming movies. Films featured include Hypnotic, The Wrath of Becky, Follow Her, Dalíland, Americonned, Sanctuary, You Hurt My Feelings, White Bird, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, It Comes Inside, Next Goal Wins, Maggie Moore(s), The Black Demon, Five Nights at Freddy's, Blood & Gold, The Cow Who Sang a Song into the Future. [more inside]
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April 24

Trailer Park: April 2023

I had this idea that it might be fun to share trailers for upcoming movies. For this first installment, I'll be sharing the trailers (with brief bits of info) for Polite Society, Sisu, Past Lives, The Boogeyman, The Last Voyage of the Demeter, On the Line, The Last Boy on Earth, Fool's Paradise, Talk to Me, and The Blackening. [more inside]
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March 2

We have to go back

Lost rewatch, anyone? [more inside]
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March 1

Movie only tag

Since apparently writing about what happened in the source material for a film can be removed as a spoiler, movie posts need to have a "movie only" and "books included" tag.
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December 20

Requesting film release years be shown on FF main page

Could we get the movie year displayed on the main FF page? To clarify situations like this with the Oldboys. But also, I think it's good information to have anywhere when considering a movie. Like, when I posted Sansho the Bailiff I felt like it was important to say what year it was from so that people who haven't heard of it know it's not a current movie. (*And if this change is made can someone edit my Sansho the Bailiff post to not have the redundant year in the title pls...) I know it shows it on the movie's actual page but I'd like to see it on the FF main page.
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December 18

Hallmark Christmas movies?

I'm trying to work my way through all the 2022 Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. Am I the only person who's bizarrely addicted to these things, and would anyone else be interested in discussing such?
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December 13

What is your unavailable for streaming wishlist for FF?

While there's no rule against posting movies on FF that aren't available streaming, generally speaking, most of us usually try to avoid it. With that in mind, what are movies you'd love to discuss on FF that aren't currently streaming anywhere? [more inside]
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November 21

For the love of all that is holy, watch Chucky!

DirtyOldTown is flying the flag for this one, and I have been absolutely in love with it after crushing the first season in a couple of days and am now week-to-week with the second season. I am mystified as to why it's not a Fanfare mainstay: it's 2SLGBTQIA+ positive, hilarious, gory, weird as hell, has Devon Sawa in multiple roles getting killed various ways, pushes the franchise beyond the bounds of credulity and possibly sanity, and is just an absolute gem in terms of being exactly what it is in a way that very little TV gets to be any more.
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November 16

The Simpsons - from the start

Would anyone else be game for a club / regular series of rewatches of classic (single digit season) Simpsons?
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October 1

MST Club Presents: "30" Nights of Horror

valkane had an idea: showing a horror movie in the MST Club room every night in October, AT 8 PM Eastern! We use that room for other things on Thursday and Sunday nights, but the other nights should work out! valk's doing this by the seats of his pant, and we're worried by sudden Youtube takedowns (where we're getting our films, we've been stung before), so we're not announcing movies ahead of time. Drop by if you want to! [more inside]
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September 23

Fall 2022 Anime Season

LiveChart | AniChart | MyAnimeList [more inside]
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September 7

Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space (Netflix)

Bee and PuppyCat is an American animated streaming television series created and written by Natasha Allegri. The series revolves around Bee (voiced by Allyn Rachel), an unemployed woman in her early twenties, who encounters a mysterious creature named PuppyCat (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver). She adopts this apparent cat-dog hybrid, and together they go on a series of temporary jobs to pay off her monthly rent. [more inside]
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September 4

Book posts to include author name

Would it be helpful if the title of Book posts included the author? [more inside]
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August 9

Best of?

What are everyone's thoughts on having a "Best of" thread every 3-4 months, like use Special Events or something and someone can just go through and kind of pick out things. This would require no additional coding and can be kind of subjective since we don't have ratings. I go through periods where I watch a ton of television and movies and then I get busy and missing things like "Severance" which was great. Not a definitive guide or anything but people could comment if things they think are missed, etc. Just a casual thing? [more inside]
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August 5

Why are some posts anonymous?

Why are some posts as anonymous? 70 posts and 211 comments to FanFare are marked as anonymous and I don't see an option to anonymize things, not that I necessarily see a reason for even needing this as an option.
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June 27

Purge Questions

Okay, I am rewatching the Purge film/tv series with my kiddo and I have a growing list of questions. Considering that it is likely impractical to corner James DeMonaco and ask him, I present them instead to whoever might happen upon this thread. [more inside]
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May 4

Regular Comics Post?

Is there enough interest to do a weekly or bi-weekly comics post where we can discuss what current stuff we're reading or looking forward to? [more inside]
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April 4


What happened to all the Showpiercer TV series posts? [more inside]
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March 29

Helluva Boss

Just discovered this series, it's on YouTube, and would love to discuss it with others! Any interest?
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March 7

Multiverse club?

In advance of Everything Everywhere All at Once (trailer) coming out this month, I’m thinking about watching other multiverse shows. [more inside]
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February 14

Archer seasons 11, 12?

Available on Netfilx, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, Google Play. Anyone interested in a (re)watch of the last couple of seasons?
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February 2

February Streaming

What's Coming to Netflix/Hulu/HBO/Amazon Prime in February? (slSlate) [more inside]
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September 23

Fall 2021 Anime Season

AniChart. MyAnimeList. Remember to smash those "Like" and "Subscribe" buttons and... wait, sorry, wrong website.
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September 20

Fall 2021 TV Season General Post

It's that time of year again - Fall TV premiere season. Calendars inside, if anyone wants to call dibs on posting anything. [more inside]
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August 26

New Leverage: Redemption Oct 8

Ep summaries under the cut. Opening this thread for general squeeing, hyping up, shouting about how far away October is, etc. [more inside]
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July 24

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Hi, I need to discuss the reboot of this serialized 40-year old toy commercial, can you please add it to the database of shows that we can post about? Thank you.
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July 9

Blood Drive (2017)?

1 season SySy series in the grindhouse style. Anyone else see this, or want to see this? [more inside]
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June 27

Summer 2021 Anime Season

As the northern hemisphere burns to death we're gonna stay inside and watch cartoons. AniChart. MyAnimeList.
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May 18

Are livestream posts discoverable?

I was checking earlier if there was any Eurovision post on FanFare and didn't see one. So I figured there wasn't. Then I saw a link on the blue to this livestream post! Then I tried to see if I could find that post on my own. [more inside]
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March 9

Spring 2021 Anime Season

Holy crap it's that time already. Place your bets! AniChart. MyAnimeList. [more inside]
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March 1

Blaseball Season 12: The Return

The Grand Siesta is over, and Blaseball is back. [more inside]
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February 16

Mother Tongue Film Festival

There may or may not be enough interest to talk about the films, but I just wanted to alert people to the upcoming Mother Tongue Film Festival. It will be free online February 21 to May 31, 2021. The theme for the Festival this year is "The Healing Power of Storytelling”. Main website link. [more inside]
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February 1

Movies to grow up with

I'm working on a list of movies to watch with my kids (son, 7, daughter, 5) and trying to show them the right films at the right ages to expand their worlds and bring them joy. If you have opinions, you can help! Give me your #1 best movie and the age my kids should be when they watch it. [more inside]
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Anyone else watching Servant?

It's on Apple streaming, so I'm guessing not many people have seen it. Also produced and occasionally directed by M Night Shyamalan... Amazingly tight first season. Great performances. Lauren Ambrose is stellar...
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January 12

Regency romance compare-and-contrast?

Ring of Regencies? [more inside]
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January 4

Winter 2021 Anime Season

A new year, a new you, a new season of anime. AniChart. MyAnimeList [more inside]
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Peacock Survey

Are you one of the vanishingly small number of people who subscribed to the paid version of Peacock? Or perhaps someone who is considering doing so because of The Office? Let's talk about what they have that is and isn't worth seeing.
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December 24

Anyone taking The Stand?

I notice that it's already been put in the roster for TV shows, but I'm not seeing any episodes posted... is anyone else interested?
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November 28

Watching The Clone Wars?

Any interest in watching and discussing The Clone Wars animated series? [more inside]
posted by medusa at 6:12 PM - 2 comments

November 20

Ministry for the Future

This book was recently the subject of a thread on the blue. [more inside]
posted by Rainbo Vagrant at 11:47 AM - 5 comments

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