May 21

Colony Season 3?

Colony Season 3 [more inside]
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May 14

Only show things that also have books?

Is there a way to only view items that have both a book and a tv/movie version? [more inside]
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May 11

Can we set up a Eurovision 2018 post?

Eurovision is tomorrow!
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May 9

Horror Book Club?

Just a thought for people who enjoy reading horror like I do. [more inside]
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May 8


Just wondering if anyone else has work issues and watches the red panda of rage. Is it worth discussing here? [more inside]
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May 7

Fallback shows?

What shows, in our age of universal infinite access, do you rerun as comfort viewing when the hunt for novelty wears thin? Personally, I run TNG, the Jeremy Brett Holmes, Poirot, and the Fry and Laurie Jeeves and Wooster - all, not incedentally, prestige series from the late eighties and nineties (although Poirot really hits its stride much later).
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May 4

Cobra Kai

The two episodes are free on YT. After watching, YouTube Red just got the most unlikely new customer. ‎Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence from 1984's The Karate Kid. It's 34 years later. It's underdog vs asshole once again. Or is it? Peppered with clips from the original movie and sequel, the themes are familiar but jumbled and amusing, and contrasted with more modern themes. Kept me smiling the whole time. Looks to be ten half-hour episodes. This is one of the most clever reboots I've seen. Nostalgic, yet fresh. Will likely binge watch this weekend if I can get out of some grubby work.
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May 1

Anyone interesting in Wakfu?

A few notes from my viewings of Wakfu:

The show just showed up on Netflix. It is French production, but the English dubbing is very good.

Nice blending of American and Japanese animation styles.

Definitively a kids show, but with adult jokes.

The end credit animations can be adorable.

Mostly strong female characters with caveats.

Episodes are short, less then 30 minutes.

Fan fare has it in their TV list now.

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April 30

Blood and Ashes!

Who is interested in doing a first read/reread of The Wheel of Time? [more inside]
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April 29

Interest in House (series with Hugh Laurie)?

Medical drama follows Dr. House, a brilliant but troubled diagnostician [more inside]
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April 26

The Chalet

Anyone watching the new French thriller The Chalet on Netflix? I'm three eps in and it's easy to binge once you work out who all the people are.
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April 21

Misfits UK?

Anyone here a fan? [more inside]
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April 19

Anyone else watching Craig of the Creek?

We're caught up with the first season, as it's been aired so far, and I'm in love with this heartwarming little cartoon. Anyone else interested in talking about it? (And if so, independent threads for episodes, or full season at once? I don't know how this works...)
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April 15

Beyoncé at Coachella

I'd love to discuss this mind blowing performance. Is this TV? Podcast?
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April 7

Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Another year, another Friday the 13th. Next Friday (the 13th, uh) we* will be continuing the Friday the 13th movie club with a discussion of the 7th film, The New Blood. [more inside]
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April 6

Previous/Next post for Books and/or Clubs?

Pursuant to poffin boffin's comment, would it be possible to get the previous/next links down for books at the bottom of a post that exist for TV series? If not for books because metadata, then how about for the club links instead? E.g. the M&C post would have a previous to "I am with child...", and a next to Post Captain?
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April 2

MyFanfare - Only TV Shows?

Why is it I can only add TV shows to "My Fanfare"? I want to add movies, special events, etc, so I can continue to follow those conversations, the same way I do for TV shows. [more inside]
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March 31

Belated Tournament of Books Club

So the 2017 Tournament of Books has ended and apparently, we all need to go read Fever Dream. We've talked about this on the blue, but maybe we could stand to make this a club? These are great books to read and it's as good a framework as any toward getting a group of people onto the same titles at the same time for discussion. It's kind of late for this year, but consider it a test run for next year. Here's the tag so you can find the ToB books that are on FF so far.
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March 22

"I am with child to see a dew pond." -- Time to reread Aubrey-Maturin

Hey. I am embarking on a reread of all 20 Aubrey-Maturin books. I was thinking there might be some MeFites who have never read them, or who would like to reread them, but have been waiting for a sign, or other people to talk with. This could be that sign! We could be those other people! [more inside]
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March 18

Spring 2018 Anime Season

Most of the Spring season is listed on AniChart now, so we might as well start in on what looks good, bad, and good-bad. [more inside]
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March 17

Secret Agent / Danger Man series

I'm going to start a watch series for the seminal series Secret Agent (US) / Danger Man (UK, starring Patrick McGoohan. Are you in?
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March 16

New Club: Marvel Cinematic Universe

If you enjoy any of the movies or TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, please join us in our new Fanfare Club!
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March 15

Any interest in Tabula Rasa?

Anyone else watching this Belgian mystery series? [more inside]
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March 13

Let's Make a Music: interest?

I discovered this podcast recently and have fallen in love with it! I thought people here might like it as well, since the style and humor are similar to that of MBMBAM. Every week hosts Brian, Jonah, and Laura request themed song titles on Twitter; during the show they discuss the replies, and then head to the studio to make a song based on their jokes and ideas. [more inside]
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March 12

Post for Hugo Award nominations?

With the nominations for the Hugo Awards closing this Friday, I was wondering if anyone was interested in Fanfare posts for Hugo nominations? I know of at least one in the Graphic Story category, and would like to go ahead and share it.
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March 9

Proposed formatting change: [Movie Title] (Year)

I was wondering if it's feasible, or supported, to add (Year) after movie titles in the main FanFare view? Years are added to the movie-specific page, so I figured it was a design choice. [more inside]
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March 4

TV? Television? Show? Netflix? Amazon/Hulu/CBSAllAccess? webexclusive?

It has not been a problem, just curious as to other MeFi's opinion(s) on what series/seasons-izable audiovisual entertainment might/should/ought be referred to - when it comes to stuff that isn't strictly television and other stuff that precludes tv? [more inside]
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February 27

Are We Doing ER Since It's on Hulu?

Would anyone have an interest in doing season-by-season posts of the full run of ER now that it's all available for streaming? I feel like doing each episode would probably be way too time intensive, but I've been watching it again and it's pretty good.
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February 26

a book club for people without time to read

Introducing the Metafilter Low Effort Book Club. [more inside]
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February 20

Frankenstein Chronicles?

Despite it being on Netflix, apparently it doesn't exist. I blame Sean Bean. [more inside]
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February 17

Living Single is on Hulu! a nineties kind of world, I'm glad I got my girls... the one and only Living Single is FINALLY streaming, and is available in its entirety on Hulu! Who'd be up for watching it, and how should we go about it? [more inside]
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February 12

But where can I buy the book?

Fanfare is a great media resource, both for water cooler discussions and as a means of discovery. The [books included] tag (usually for teevee series) makes me want to click something for a good-ish list of places to buy the @&$!?! Books! [more inside]
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February 9

Cook's Country

Anybody want to talk about the Dec / Jan issue of Cook's Country? What did you make? How'd it turn out? Where's that damn rooster?
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February 8

Winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics are starting, are we going to do FanFare threads again? It looks like for the Rio ones we had separate threads for the Ceremonies, and then others by sport category?
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February 7

Altered Carbon is a mess

The discussion about Altered Carbon is a mess. I don't like the show enough to fix it, but I do like Fanfare enough to bring it up. [more inside]
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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood discussion

I've requested the show to be added but wasn't sure about how to set up the discussion. I'm sure we don't have enough people interested so I was aiming for a whole season discussion. [more inside]
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February 6

Interest in The Alienist?

I'm already a few episodes behind, but is there any interest in discussing The Alienist? And if so, enough that we'd need to do both book and show threads?
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February 1

Friends at the Table?

I'm a big fan of Friends at the Table and would love to see it become a FanFare series, but I honestly don't know how to handle the previous seasons of the show. Thoughts? [more inside]
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The Assassination of Gianni Versace?

Any interest in discussing this? I'm loving it so far, and was surprised to not see a Fanfare series. Would it fit better as a single season-spanning post?
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January 18

Happy! Season One Thread?

Would people prefer just a whole season thread to episode by episode? [more inside]
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January 4

Geo blocking and Australian streamers

Australia has two excellent free on-demand streaming services via the two government supported broadcasters, the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) and the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The ABC streaming service,, is advertising-free and requires no login. The SBS service, SBS On Demand, contains ads and requires a login. Both of these services stream a lot of excellent domestic and international productions which I would like to bring to Fanfare attention, but I don't know if they are geoblocked to regular viewers outside of Australia. Are they?
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January 3

DS9 Duffer's Guide

Pursuant to my VOY Duffer's Guide post here and to the DS9 FPP on the green, I'd like to bruit a Duffer's Guide for DS9 as proposed in-thread. I assume my DS9 rewatch crewmembers have seen the FPP and thusly don't intend to crosspost into the rewatch at this time. Suggestions for episodes? I'll track down a couple commercially-sourced lists and crossref like I did before.
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January 1

Bachelor: MeFi Fantasy League

For anyone interested, I started an ABC fantasy league group for this season of The Bachelor: Tada! Password is METAFILTER.
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Winter 2018 Anime Season

Another anime season is upon us - what do you plan to watch, skip, hate-watch? [more inside]
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December 24

Combining books and show only threads for The Magicians Season 3?

The show has deviated pretty dramatically from the books, to the point where I'm not sure we even need a Books Included thread. Season 3 may stick closer to the books but I'm not sure how? Would a Books Included thread for the entire season would be good? Then we could have a master thread to discuss everything that's different or similar (whatever that might be). Any opinions yay or nay?
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December 20

Incoming to FanFare Trekkers from Starfleet

Fellow Trekfan Mefites: Exeter and STC fanthreads? [more inside]
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December 6

Any Call for a sort of Classic Movie/1001 Before You Die film club?

I'm on a personal project to watch my way through all of the films in the "1001 movies to see before you die" book series (I found a list that encompasses all editions). Anyone want to start discussions now and then as we go? [more inside]
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December 2

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman - Netflix exclusive

A Japanese man with an incredible love of sweets takes a new job to have more time to visit sweet shops. [more inside]
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November 10

Stranger aka Forest of Secrets [Season] - South Korean Police Purcedural

A prosecutor without empathy and a bold female police are taking a murder case involving unrestrained political corruption. [more inside]
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Bostonians: 2 tix for How Did This Get Made tonight at 7:30

I have 2 tix for the HDTGM live taping tonight in Boston at The Wilbur. MeMail me if you want them.
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November 8

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage

I want to gauge interest in a post on the new Philip Pullman. Have enough of us read it yet?
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October 21

Pokemon GO

Gen3 is creeping down the stairs in Pokemon GO! Several ghost types from Gen3 are being released with PoGo's Halloween event. Come on inside and tell us what you found! [more inside]
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October 14

Friends of the Pod

Pod Save America only has one post here in fanfare and I was just wondering if there's any interest in a weekly post for it and the other Crooked Media pods? [more inside]
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October 12

Steal the Stars

I'd like to do some podcast posting on"Steal the Stars," but I can't get any of the various podcast links to work enough to start a FanFare post on it. [more inside]
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October 11

Tatort! Where are my fellow German murder show fans?

We could talk about the weekly episode or specific city teams. [more inside]
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Dirty John podcast

Anyone else interested in discussing the new true-crime podcast Dirty John? [more inside]
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October 8

Fall 2017 anime season

Stand up and blab: What anime this season are you watching, or wanna watch, or wanna avoid, or wanna hatewatch? [more inside]
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What have you been reading/watching/anticipating/etc.? (Oct. 2017)

So much is coming out in film, TV, streaming services, and books (including SF/F/H, mystery, romance, general fiction, and non-fiction) in October, 2017! What are you excited about, and more generally, what media have you been reading, watching, or listening to? As an experiment in the possibilities for FanFare Talk, this is an open thread for sharing recommendations and building interest in film, TV, books, and podcasts--new and old options equally welcome.
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October 7


There are lots of Michael Schur fans around these parts, but does anyone listen to the podcast he does with sportswriter Joe Posnanski, The Poscast? I'd love to talk about their drafts, their One Last Meaningless Things, becoming Phamns, and baseball.
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Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)

After nearly another year, the next Friday the 13th is upon us. That means it is time for part six of the Friday the 13th movie club. [more inside]
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